Your Guide To Public Chit Chat Etiquette

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There have been countless times when I see an individual — or group of people — thinking they are Copernicus. I will be the first to say the world does not revolve around you. It does not mean you should start acting like it, and most people do not wake up in the morning thinking they should get in someone else’s way. Mankind is generally quite kind when it comes to dealing with others and treating each other as they want to be treated aka The Platinum Rule.

Those who disagree can note that it is easier for people to remember bad memories or negative news, because the human mind has a stronger reaction to events that are unfavourable. This is why the news rarely divulges stories of puppies being saved and has clickbait headlines with toxic titling. For the majority of the world, people are generally kind, patient, and smile. Especially when you move out of the city where the pace of life is slower and one’s purpose isn’t to get out of traffic.

Keep these guidelines in mind when you are keeping your friends in social interactions, but in the back of your mind are creating new acquaintances from kind strangers seeing you as an example of how to treat others.

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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