Yacht Rules & Etiquette

  • There will be limited storage on a yacht, so pack light and use soft luggage. Always bring a spare set of everything. There’s more than a chance you’ll get wet. 
  • Never wear black, leather-soled or hard shoes; always wear plimsolls, trainers or, ideally deck shoes.
  • Ask for permission to board before stepping from the shore. 
  • Noise travels on water, keep your opinions about your neighbour’s attire to yourself. 
  • Port and starboard, never left and right.
  • Fore and aft, never front or behind.
  • Actually owning a yacht carries more kudos than dressing in such a way as to make everyone think you do.
  • Never throw anything overboard.
  • Never argue with the captain.
  • Champagne tastes better on the high seas.

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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