Winter Hair Care Tips For No Frizz + A DIY Blowout Guide

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I use the Aveda brush daily and the Raincry brush when I travel, because it’s small and easy to put away in luggage. It also fits perfectly in my purse when on the go!

Shower Essentials: Shampoo, Conditioner, & Mask

Keep scrolling to find the latest addition to my hair care routine for cold weather! Anti-frizz shampoo & conditioner by Grown Alchemist has been helping me tame my wild, low-porosity hair. These are all my latest staples I rotate during the Winter to keep my hair unmoved by wind and not affecting my hairstyle for longer.

The Anti-Frizz Step: Leave In Conditioner

I keep my hair silky and smooth with all of these picks in the US. In the video I mention my latest pick of Havtorn Balsam Spray by Matas, the Danish brand. But these are my regular rotation go-tos when back in North America. If you have recommendations, let me know in the comments below! I have trouble sticking to one thing, because I haven’t found the holy grail just yet. It also depends on the day of what’s going on with my hair and what event occurs on the day.

Heat Protectant Spray

I actually swear by Tresemme. It smells good, and I’ve been using it since 7 years. Every now and again I’ll want to mix it up with these picks to experiment, because sometimes I get tired of the Tresemme’s scent. For me it’s just a matter of making things interesting. These are all good in my experience so far as they are my go-tos.

Blow Dry Brush

I have the Conair one currently and my hairstylist – who is a beast at blow drying (obviously) and has used ALL the tools – said the Amika one is fabulous for long term. The Conair will just work for one year. I only got it recently so I plan to use the heck out of this, and then purchase the Amika one when this dies down.

It took a couple tries of practice at first, but once I got used to it and took my time to understand my hair working with the tool, the outcome is beautiful! And bountiful. Truly, I time myself all the time and it usually takes 20 minutes when coming out of the shower completely wet, doing some gentle drying with a towel, applying skincare as it sits on my head wrapped in said towel, and then blow dry brushing it!

Final Touches

I’m not typically the person for adding hairspray to my hair as it makes my hair gunky the next day really full of extra product I don’t need. (That’s also purportedly what causes baldness – not letting your scalp breathe from having so much chemicals and product on it blocking your follicles.) But this smells good, never fails me, and when I am really going for the extra bouncy look I will use this 24 hour hold spray by Garnier to really hold things together! It smells great even the next day.

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