Why You Should Still Probably Post When The Government Doesn’t Want You To Be Social

Have you ever thought of your community and reach when it comes to who views your social accounts? Is that what you actually have in mind when you are posting? It’s definitely something that haunts me and keeps me from posting sometimes haha.

Truth is 1% of your following is the minimum likely number of engaged followers that will visit your latest posts, unless you do the extra leg work it takes to boost it. Namely, setting aside time to go out of your way and commit to commenting on other accounts. Or simply hiring an expert to do it and make your life easier.

With all the hubbub on the government affecting social media posts, reach, and even Facebook interfering with reminding only democrats to vote, it’s become difficult to genuinely connect with whoever you want freely. That’s why you have to grow your following with intention and build a community.

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The intentional notion of building a community has been stronger than ever when creating engaging social media posts that stand out. Your community above all are what make you have a following!

Before any of my blogging, I would post on social media as a traveler. Not a travel blogger. Simply someone who was on a different continent for every post. If you check my older posts you will see, as I collected a handful of wonderful nomadic friends. However, I never considered myself a travel blogger. Just someone documenting my adventures every now and again.

Social media for me wasn’t something I used to connect with people. It was more of a way to share excursions and say, “Gia was here”. That’s what started me in socials, but I’ve had to pivot my approach since.

Just as everyone else did during the lockdown as private jet travel became scarce and the true personalities rose to the top. It wasn’t all about flexing. Connection was the most important theme emphasized–with customers, followers, family, friends, even one’s self when it came to self care!

Being able to communicate the latest with your following–within the USA or not–became difficult and times became trying with the government creating pockets of local fascism in metropolitan areas, and now shutting off the digital approach to networks.

Don’t stop posting. You can still reach people internationally.

Did you forget that? It’s an ethnocentric thing to assume people will speak English too, when visiting their country. Everything is catered to you, eh?

Not at all!

If you found your niche, have a strategy, and connect with the right people, your following will be loyal anyway. People thought using hashtags wouldn’t benefit them as the elections were happening, but there are so many other countries that have access to Instagram–even advanced beta versions of it.

These other first second and third world countries are probably ahead letting them try all the newest features! Don’t think because you have a huge country that it means you’re ahead of the pack. There’s so much more to it than that.

People use social media to get away.

You know how after a long day of whatever it is you might be doing all day–whether it be work or a day out–you probably wind down to see what’s on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube. People are using social media to decompress, connect, and see how they can pass the time without feeling stressed out from all the raging upset going on outside their door. You’re an influencer after all. You are the one who helps shape the trends on media and happiness of your followers.

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It was discovered that food posts excelled beyond any other category of social media posts in 2020. Whether it was learning about food, or because restaurants were closed, food was the one thing on people’s minds.

George Orwell said in 1984 how TV is used to keep the poor people distracted from what’s really going on. And it’s 100% true. It’s not exactly poor people though. It’s almost EVERYONE.

I myself have a hard time of keeping up with social media, so I plan things ahead of time. I even hire a team to make me look like I have everything together somewhat. To make things worse, I’m never on Instagram as a passtime.

If you visit my Instagram and there’s is the green light saying I’m active–I’m not. It’s probably my super awesome social media manager who’s kicking ass for me. I reply to the DMs, yes. But that’s about it. The people direct messaging me are usually really important clients supporting, asking questions, or trying to communicate something about work.

Other than that, I’m not actually on. If you’re trying to reach me simply email me care@giadixon.com!

When posting don’t forget about the world around you. Not everything is about the USA or your niche. Get out there and connect! I’d love to know what you think about posting during difficult times in the comments. Do you keep posting?

Gia G. Dixon
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