Why you should never put someone on a pedestal

Why you shouldn’t put someone on a pedestal / what to say when someone puts you on a pedestal

Never do this in your mind or say this out loud. Never have this cross your mind. Don’t put someone on a pedestal.

If you say someone is perfect or believe someone is perfect, you’re just saying you’re not deserving of it. It’s a concept you have to nail right now. Nothing should be able to impress you so much about their personality, because you expect to be surrounded by high caliber people who are captivating. That’s your standard minimum. When you are impressed, just compliment your friend on it. Let them know they’re great.  

I was talking to a guy years ago who would nitpick and he wouldn’t stfu. He would pick small things about me, grasping at straws and try to pinpoint my whole personality or his perception of me based off one small thing. Or a few small things. So every time I said something, he’d say. “Ohhh so you’re this and this.” 

I told him, “Hey, I’m a whole package. You cannot judge the full power of the ocean with one little wave.” I’m a whole bigger picture. I’m layered. You can’t simply explain 27 years of life in one word or sentence. I said, “You keep criticizing me for every little thing. It’s annoying.” 

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He said, “Well you don’t find problems in me.” I said, “I do. I just don’t say anything about your flaws, because 1. I don’t let every little thing bother me. 2. Because I’m trying to be a lady. And expect you to be a gentleman.” He shut up so fast. 

When you show your standard and expectations of them to be better, they will get a grip. They will either be inspired or be intimidated. So never put anyone on a pedestal. Expect them to be great. When they do impress you by being great, smile and acknowledge them. Show them you appreciate their sincerity.

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