Why We Shouldn’t Abolish New Years Resolutions

Don’t drop the ball just yet! Or maybe we should. It’s important to have New Year’s Resolutions as a tradition because it’s what keeps us accountable. Yes, people do give up after a couple months, but do as the French do.

In the French culture it’s simply known to do something even if you will get hurt in the end. For instance, if there is someone they want to be with, they will start a relationship even though they are moving to another country, because feeling the pleasure of enjoyment in life is the most important part of that story.

This is how we should live when it comes to our goals. People hate New Year’s Resolutions simply because they don’t want to be held accountable for their aspirations. It’s a common them we have these days as in our culture it’s okay to treat your birthday as another day.

My father, not being a United States native, always told me birthdays are special because this is the day you were brought into this world and that is a gift. We do affect those around us and it makes drastic changes in their worlds.

Thinking our incremental habits don’t matter is part of the bigger problem. It’s our daily tasks and mundane maintenance that we do that gets us to the best place! It’s like saving/investing money or brushing your teeth. Even working out. You can’t expect results after just one workout. You have to keep going at it.

Even if we do quit and fail, we remember how we felt when we did do it and it makes us feel like we used to be great. I absolutely despise thinking of, “I can’t do it anymore”, or “I’m too old”. It actually sickens me and I think it’s pathetic.

You’re never too old to work on yourself with your education, mentally, good habits, and anything to improve your situation. We should always aim high and celebrate all the milestones. It’s what gives our lives a little more value.

I dive into the deep reason we should hold onto all our goals and keep at them.

What do you think of New Years resolutions? Do you still have them? Or do you set short/long term goals all the time no matter?

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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