Why Kris Jenner’s Instagram Is More Inspiring Than Forbes

Now that you’re feeling abundant from your holiday get togethers, I have to share something rich with you:

For those of you who don’t know by now Kris Jenner is my spirit animal. Her Instagram is more inspiring to me than Bossbabe or Forbes. Because goals. Also, something business publications forget is style and fashion. Typically print/online media fashion based and then touches on some females dominating their industry or something about inclusivity, but I wanted to spin it.

She is THE matriarch and I literally am an agent for influencers, so I feel like my nickname should be Kris.

Not to mention her jewelry and accessories are obviously insane. I think Khloe gifted the suitcase to her one Christmas. She has a secondhand store on her instagram you can visit that someone runs for her and her wardrobe is goals. There’s a croc Birkin for $65,6000 and that’s more than a lot of the world makes in a year. I think it’s great to have goals that high, because even if you don’t land there you still end up higher than you would have reached.

I also that she promotes her daughters because the money goes back in her pocket haha. Genius. Want more money? Create more people. And each get better at business every time.

The thing is tons of people have zero idea why the legacy even exists and it’s all because of her. She knows the moves to stay relevant for about 20 years. There are huge A-list movie stars I haven’t heard any news from recently and I’m signed up to lists of thousands of PR and media publications. It’s not hard to get noticed, especially if you’re consistent.

She makes me go extra hard for my clients, putting in the work, sending out a few extra e-mails, just to say we’re here. We’re a brand. We exist. Here’s our faces. There’s a world of people out there who hate the Kardashians and Jenner clan. But why would you hate someone you personally don’t know? So random.

My hat goes off to Queen Kris every time, because her moves make me make more moves. After all, she only has her client’s best interest at heart. 🙂 Do your kids have over 200 million followers + multiple streams of disposable income? I hope they do one day, ’cause that’s the kind of mom you(‘ll) be.

Do you have someone you look up to? It doesn’t have to be Mother Theresa, and I’m not here to criticize. I love everybody! Let me know what you think in the comments.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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