Why Feeling Inadequate Is A Good Thing As An Entrepreneur

Sometimes we are hard on ourselves for not reaching certain goals or deadlines. It’s very human having regrets on not having done something the way we could have and going back wanting to fix it.

Since the dawn of time, and biologically speaking, man is intrinsically prone to depression.

In the healthy mind, this stress is an alarm for us to improve our situation. Wanting a better life is not necessarily a bad thing. Wanting to live a certain way is fine as long as you are willing to put the elbow grease in and do the work.

Being able to dream and imagine far and wide is what gets us to striving. The problem is not all of us are consistent, exterior circumstances occur out of our control, or we simply lose passion.

The fact that we are uncomfortable means we are challenging ourselves. The next step is to simply do something about it.

The way I see it is everything is already yours and in your hands. You just need to put the consistent hard work in to claim it.

You have a seat at the table in the restaurant serving gorgeous food that takes 3 months to get a reservation. A wonderful home in your dream location with the space for your dog is waiting for you. There is a hassle-free flight where you aren’t limited in luggage space on a jet out there.

You just have to work for it.

My father in law always said, “If you think you can’t afford it, find a way to make more money.”

My husband took it further and says, “Invest and watch it grow.”

In my mind, I think, “Cultivate and nurture the investment.”

The grass is always greener where you water it. Pay careful attention to what you are doing, but it’s fine to make mistakes. That’s what makes us so capable and competent. We continue.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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