When to host a housewarming party and housewarming etiquette

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When the stressful experience of moving home is over, and the dust has settled, what better way to relax and celebrate than with a housewarming party? Don’t wait until your new home is a model of pristine, newly-decorated perfection; it’s often a good idea to invite guests before you start the gutting and renovation process – it doesn’t matter if they make a mess and spill red wine on your soon to be discarded carpets.

Housewarmings are also an excellent way to of meeting people who live neary, and give you an opportunity to glean some local intelligence about schools, shops, tradesmen, neighbourly politicking, and so on. 

If your good friend invites you to a housewarming, it’s a nice gesture, but not obligatory, to buy them something for their new home – glasses, ceramics, tableware or house plants are all good choices. 

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