When is the latest to send thank you cards after receiving gifts?

One week? Two weeks? Three weeks? 

That is pushing it a bit. 

I like to write thank you cards right away and send them out as soon as possible personally. Rule of thumb is one or two days after is when you make time to write them – it only takes an hour to do a handful of them – and then send them out when ready. 

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Having a fabulous stash of [monogrammed] cards is always a fine touch, with a signature design that represents you. Check here for some of my favorites and fantastic stationery finds. I have some stickers with my name, address, and stationery with my name and address, and a wax seal with my initials and crest. 

If you plan on seeing people in the immediate future, you can simply keep the card with you and give it to them when you see the person. Even if I was going to share their countenance in near event’s time, I would still opt for snail mail in case they do not have a handbag large enough to put the card away and tuck it for later. It is also more of a surprise when receiving a little gift in the mail without a warranted greeting. 

Who writes thank you cards and sends snail mail anyway? There is nothing more World War II romantic, and formal than a beautifully written card. You can tell a lot about a person’s character by their penmanship. This is something that is slowly deleting from our everyday life. It makes me proud to have legible writing haha. Even if I am the only one who can read it. But that just makes me better to practice! 

Thank you cards and notes do not have to be Shakespeare right off the bat. I simply like to write two sentences minimum telling the truth of how someone’s presence or a gift they gave made me feel. Simple is best. You already went through the effort of learning how to read, write, get the excellently made card, and send it out with the proper postage. A text or email is simply not enough. Let your loved ones know their efforts to add to your life and make you happy are returned with a handwritten thank you card.

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