What to write on Mother’s Day cards

Sharks get a week. Mother’s get a day. Is that not weird? 

what to write on a mother's day card

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Growing up, I did not have my mother of my own. However, I always had motherly figures. There was my stepmom. My aunt. My grandma who was the absolute apple of my eye, my mother in law, grandmother-in law. They are all pillars of women I look up to. Endlessly grateful, I grew really good at showering them with ways to say thanks. Here are some things to write on her card to make her feel extra special this upcoming Mother’s Day.

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First, I like to lean on the easiest route: copy + pasting Billy Wigglestick AKA Shakespeare.

Doubt thou the stars are fire;

Doubt that the sun doth move;

Doubt truth to be a liar;

But never doubt I love.


This is from Hamlet and this play has a ton of fantastic quotes about his mother, and how his late father loved him. This will be highlighted in the comment below so you can copy + paste it yourself, because you are not original. That is why you are here.

You can also write her one really long sentence referring to all the things she loves and does.

It will be one hyphenated sentence. For instance, to my dog-walking, scone-baking, picnic-preparing, piano-playing, augustinus-bader-wearing, face-masking, puppy-hugging mama, Happy Mother’s Day. The list can cover both pages of the inside of the card with all the things you love about her, or she does regularly to make her feel extra attended to. 

The final thing is a simple memory of a sentimental time that meant a lot to the both of you.

Hear me out. It does not have to be corny and plucking her heart strings. It can simply be silly. For example, no matter how many times you burn the turkey roast, I would never change you for the world. I will always take your version of dinner, because there is no other you. 

I want to remind you that you do not have to purchase a card.

You can simply write on a piece of or decorate printer paper to make it look like you put some sort of effort. If you want to get creative, you can copy + paste an original poem about her and frame it for her. 

Personally, I get pop up cards, because they do all the talking, especially if you are a person who gives experiences over gifts i.e., take her to a restaurant. I prefer a card over a gift any day. 

But what NOT to do is purchase her a card with something printed on it, and sign your name. Make sure you do date the card, refer to her saying ‘Dear mummy’, write as beautifully as possible, and send her a personally written message. There is nothing more ice cold than a printed paper she could have read at the pharmacy herself. She is an inspiration in her own right, so treat her as such. 

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