What To Do This Weekend: Gardening Favourites

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Weekend plans are tough to come by when everyone is either on holiday, focusing on themselves, or something suddenly comes up. I wanted to shed light on the spirit of watching something grow from nothing, not because it keeps you busy, but because it truly is fulfilling. If you have little ones, this is a brilliant way to open up their minds. On the other hand, if children are not in the picture, there is nothing like taking care of something so beautiful that nourishes you.

gardening favourites

When I lived in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, it never felt entirely debilitating because I figured out how to cultivate delicious whole dishes with Mr. Dixon without spending a fortune going shopping. The way to do it if you live in an area that has more land to do so — whether it be the suburbs in your yard or the countryside — make sure to plant up to two seasons ahead so your harvest will be ready in time. You will never go hungry, and your property will be covered in beautiful colours.

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