What is the deal with skinny chefs?

What is the deal with skinny chefs? It seems to me like so many lifestyle brands are sticking to recipes that pass your [what should be] food and eating nothing with nutrients to avoid looking bloated. I prefer a chef that actually enjoys what they are cooking without anything holding them back, and someone who fluctuates in their weight haha. 

It is one thing to be allergic to a list of certain items, but having an eating disorder and demanding that everyone follows it is delusional. Not to mention delusional. And wrong.

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I am not a body positivity person, and will divulge a little bit more about that in a separate post. What I mean is I am all for looking, feeling, and being healthy, but when chefs go too hard the other way, it is disparaging to the craft. They forget about culinary delights, and worry more about their eating disorder. If you have been to a body dysmorphia group, you instantly know that these influencers with cookbooks have eating disorders just by looking at their hair.

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For my birthday, I was gifted a very well known former actress’s cookbook, and I flipped through only to find that I knew a majority of these recipes at the top of my head. I did not feel like it was a bad gift at all. It was quite the reaffirming present realizing that the information I have is headed in the right direction. What I already know is great information that I can have confidence when serving.

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Food is not something I post about. However I do post about wise simple nutrition and integrative health in general. I do not believe in doing all the thousands of extra shortcuts others do to use supplements as food and pay for expensive urine. Supplements are just that — supplementary. 

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The main boring things people are supposed to do as get sun, enough sleep, and eat properly are forgotten. Because they are not glamorous. Because dopamine levels are reserved for social media scrolling.This is how we end up with skinny chefs. 

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With that being said, I am going to post more simple recipes that anyone can do to impress family, guests, and oneself when at home putting something together. You do not have to have exotic ingredients or a fridge full of food. There are essentials that you can cook in so many interesting ways to keep things exciting at the dinner table. 

Keeping it simple makes you become even more creative with what you have, and takes you further when practicing. You do not need to practice different recipes to become good at them, but simply to practice what you know until you master it.

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