What is fashion versus style? Are logos fashion?

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I absolutely love style. Fashion can be fun too. It’s important to establish the separation of both, because they get mixed up quite a bit. I’m not here to give you a lecture on Oxford Dictionary’s definition, but my interpretation of the subjects.

Fashion is trend coming and going. The seasonal option of what is currently deemed attractive and glamourized. Style is a matter of personal taste, completely disregarding what everyone else’s thinks of it.

In this video, I go into why logos aren’t style, how brands can be used to pin a certain style. Whether an item is brand name or not, I will definitely purchase it as long as it’s cute and aligns with my preference.

For example, there was an older lady I saw in the IKEA parking lot whom I saw drowned in multiple label designer items. Dior shades, Gucci logo bag, Chanel logo boots, Fendi jacket, and so on. I don’t know what her situation was for that day, but it felt like she was showing off her status and ability to afford such items, rather than express a particular aesthetic, or individual predilection. Some people have more money than style and if they want to express themselves that way, that’s perfectly okay!

how to look polished when dressing up
Here is a small part of my accessory wardrobe that I mention in the video above.

Then on the opposite end, there’s a movie star who has access to all the stylists and fashion designers on the red carpet. Though she still takes measures to express herself without a label and turns a jacket into a head wrap!

Style is all about being resourceful with what you have, and how you can work with what you are given. It’s another state of mind, where everything you touch looks good or to your liking. It’s really respectable to me when someone wears something in a way I never would have imagined and puts an ensemble together in unexpected formations.

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Let me know in the comments below what defines style and or fashion to you. I’d love to know your thoughts and continue this discussion to find a community of style lovers.

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