What I say to people who call me a hillbilly

Recently, I posted a video on why I left California, and there were a couple people who had hilariously rude comments. People think I get offended, but at the end of the day, I have seen seen it all having been all sorts of bullied growing up and receiving daily death threats in my direct messages.

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They were implying in a sundry of methods how I am living in the back country woods, and that I am in hillbilly-land. The laughter I had was from my belly, because if someone calls me a hillbilly, all I can say is, ‘YEEEEEHAW!!!’ 

Getting mocked for loving the land I live in and being proud of having freedom is highly unreasonable to me. I know tons of people who are proud of being from much more difficult places with regimes that have a tight grip on their citizens’ throats. 

what it is like living in the south what it is like living in kentucky
what it is like living in the south what it is like living in kentucky

The other thing is the people who made remarks trying to offend me in the comment section were proving my point. Commentators were from all sorts of metropolitan regions full of crime and attacking me for not living somewhere diverse. I could not care about a place being diverse, because a person’s skin colour has nothing to do with having good character. Civilians in Kentucky are much kinder, warmer, and Southern hospitality is something I experience with every subsequent encounter. 

what it is like living in the south what it is like living in kentucky

Nobody gets up in the morning to say, ‘I want to hurt everyone I encounter today.’ Only a psychopath would. However, some people do not think this, saying it in their heads. They feel it. It is in their bones when they want to berate someone for saying something kind and appreciative that might go against their superiority complex. Their narcissism. ‘Only my way of life can exist.’ 

Aside from only having one frame of mind and realizing there is an entire world out there, it saves time to explicate facts. I would get banned on YouTube for saying the true and regular things about life that I love here in Kentucky. One thing is I love shooting my gun freely on my land without having to set my rifles on pistol mode. 

The other is that I can hire some of the best grad students and Harvard-educated professors to teach my children at home, because of all the money I save from living in highly taxed Communist state as California. 

If my children want to learn Japanese, we can simply live in Japan for six months, or at least they learn a proficient amount and we want to go to my favourite spots in Switzerland next.

what it is like living in the south what it is like living in kentucky

Freedom is so delicious when you are control of your life. I am allowed to carry my gun everywhere whether it is visible or not. With or without a CCW permit — though I will get one anyway just to legally cover my bases. I am an upstanding citizen who contributes my paperwork when not asked, because this is a lovely state where I can exercise my options.

Something that people do not know about me is I grew up in a very Conservative area where I still, until this day, have tons of friends with whom I went to church. We all used to go shooting and hunting together, canning, camping, hiking, rolling on the grass outside, and hanging out with all sorts of animals.
City people are used to asking, ‘Are you a dog person or a cat person?’

Why am I limited to only these options? I have experienced so much more fun with snakes, birds, turtles, frogs, lizards, and rabbits, and spiders. When I was little, I used to play with worms and ladybugs. 

what it is like living in the south what it is like living in kentucky

On our farm, we currently farm an endless array of livestock. This vlog below was the day we first received our rabbits. You might see some of our cattle in the background and many of my other vlogs. In addition, we are growing our farm with even more dogs, cats, birds, sheep, chickens, and so on.

My parents would have to change into fresh pants when they washed my lunchbox in the sink. I remember my stepmom almost having a heart attack from opening a Hello Kitty lunch container to see tons of chucky pigs and ladybugs. She made me throw it away. Thank goodness, she bought me multiple. Curiosity in things that grow and are living is something that has not left me.

I do not drink, so I cannot make moonshine, nor do I plan on distilling anything in the near future. (Doing it incorrectly can make you go severely and permanently blind.) Nevertheless, I do plan on making any excuse for a barbecue, wearing a cowboy hat, hunting for a year’s worth of meat in one go aka one animal, farming my other food and milk, growing orchards on my land, being kind to my neighbours, and understanding the nature around me. Living off the land is what humans were meant to do. Not being stuffed in tiny piled on boxes they call luxury apartments while eating grocery food full of toxic chemicals. If these are hillbilly things, I do not mind being called one. But that’s bourgeois hillbilly to you. 

Thank you so much for taking time to read the end of this post. I hope you find some inspiration in this and feel free to share with your friends as a free way to help my blog grow. Your support is endlessly appreciated. 

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