Does Being Beautiful Matter & Make Life Easier?

What I Learned This Past Month That Shook Me To My Core

If you dangle a fruit in front of a hungry man, he will want to eat that fruit. No matter how progressive and developed we think we are, humans are still animal with basic needs. We are trying so hard in society to change our old ways, but our innate sensibilities still get the best of us.

Physical attraction is real.

You can have all the brains in the world, but people will listen to you even more if you peacock in an extremely attractive way. This doesn’t mean you have to show off and constantly chatter away your knowledge.

Confidence can be expressed simply by showing comfort. If you see people who are comfortable with themselves, by the way they sit, without fidgeting and intent listening. Accepting who they are by simply agreeing with something said about them, or even laughing at themselves is a sure fire way to see a person’s confidence. Confident people don’t feel the need to prove themselves.

There are obviously different types of attraction, but I’m focusing on physical and how it’s affected me the past month.

I was reading Emily Ratajkowski’s book My Body and there was a wonderful quote said by her mom, “Men are limited in their understanding of beauty.” So it can be a bit simple *depending on the guy of course* to get a man’s attention. I’m not only talking about flirting with a male in order to procreate and have a wonderful whirlwind relationship with.

I say this with the intention of captivating a man’s attention to show him your brain, whether it’s at a business meeting, your teacher, your peers at work or school, or even in an intellectual debate with an acquaintance at a party.

Does having outer beauty take away from your brains and character?

Absolutely not. I think it adds more mystery to a woman who takes care of herself on the outside while also taking care of her mind. Leveling up isn’t just about how fastidious we need to groom ourselves and appear like a piece of perfect china.

It’s what we do with what we have that makes us. The action we commit to when taking our beauty a step further and developing so much more. It makes us so much more attractive to have both.

Someone once told me, “Good looking people have a two week head start.” Once you catch the person’s attention, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to charm them with meaningless nothings? Or impress yourself with the standard you hold for your intellect and ability to direct a conversation wisely?

In my Youtube channel, yes, I go into the aspects of whether something is worth the economics of your beauty while also the human capital of soft skills in one’s self image and growth. It’s imperative to have depth perception within one’s own awareness.

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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