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What is The League of Extraordinary Femme Founders? aka The League?

This is the very first member of the League of Extraordinary Femme Founders I’m actually announcing on Youtube. I usually do this on my blog and originally did it every week, but Covid has been making it difficult to get out there and meet new femme founders aside from on the internet. It’s definitely not the same. 

What The League of Extraordinary Femme Founders is, or as I like to shorten it to as The League, is my rolodex of female entrepreneurs, freelancers, and ladybosses. These are women I have worked with personally or in some way from afar, especially if I’ve at least spoken to them or purchased their services in some way. I created The League so women can collaborate and network, expanding their business tribe to be beyond their circle and make new friends too!

Why I Wanted To Shoot With Nadi

I recently had a couple photoshoots in the same week with an incredible photographer. It was an absolute pleasure working with her. She has worked with Maison Margiela, Aritizia, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, even Playboy. Among many other publications. She also works with a lot of local Los Angeles designers. If you visit her website and take a look at some of her work and About page, you will be blown away. 

I always think of Sex & The City. When Enid says, “Carrie you have to do it. Vogue photographers, vogue styling, vogue airbrushing.” Who says no to that? Not me.

Her work is incredible if you visit her website nadimoss.com and instagram @nadimossphoto. She is partial to lifestyle, fashion, and commercial photography. 

It was so easy working with her, because she was a true professional, after all she has 10 years of experience. She is kind, concise, and endlessly kind. I’m not talking about simply being polite either. She has a lot of grace and positive attitude that truly made me feel at ease.

My Experience

On top of that, every single shot she did for me made me look like a movie star. She even got me channeling my inner old hollywood glamour bombshell. Seriously. There were some photos where I had Jessica Rabbit moments. I never knew I had that in me. I know I can pose, because I used to be a dancer. Where that’s literally just going from pose to pose. 

But she had me stay in my comfort zone, be elegant, but still out of the box of my regular thinking for obvious poses. She even asked if I was a blogger just by my style and way I was positioning my branding and moldboard before the shoot.

What The Shoot Was For + The Onboarding Process

The first shoot I did for her was for my Salespage and Instagram. The second one was for a branding shoot. So when people see all my content and all my profile photos—this is what people think of when they see me. This is basically how I will be remembered on the internet with all my brand colors, vibe, and experience.

How it worked was I paid a small deposit online and the rest in cash in person. She would direct me very professionally, calmly, sweetly actually. Whatever she said, I listened because she made me look amazing. If she told me to jump I’d say how high. I trust her with my life.

A Personal Victory For Taste & Branding

There were so many INCREDIBLE shots. INCREDIBLE. I’ve worked with many photographers as I used to be in a band, I had my own clothing line, and just for content shoots, but nothing else was like working with her. I felt very at home. Not pressured to be uncomfortable, wore whatever I wanted, and we really aligned as artists I think. 

Getting To Know Nadi

Just a little background about her, she’s from St. Petersburg, Russia, lived in Moscow for about 6 years or so, and then has been living in LA for 4 years. I love love Love love her work and have had my eye on her photography for about a year now. I think I’m going to book her for at least once a month for some really delicious content. Ideal would be twice a month like I did this past month, but it’s expensive and I am saving for a big project currently. So I will just book her for once a month for now. Just to create content for Instagram and my blog. Totally worth it. I’ve never seen the natural snaps before the editing look this great. 

Worth It?

I highly recommend her and here is her website, along with her Instagram and her portfolio is all over both. Don’t hesitate if you’re in the Los Angeles area, because she is worth every penny and then some. 

Just as a little note, when working with a photographer remember that it’s a collaboration. They’re not necessarily working FOR you, they’re working with you. When it comes to artful contractors, you have to make sure your styles align first. Not they should fit to your style. 

If your style doesn’t match an artist’s, how do you expect them to execute something out of their style? It’s like if I love showing that I wear the color red, and work with a black and white photographer. It just doesn’t go together. So keep that in mind. I love her style and I’ve had my eye on her for so long, I don’t know why I didn’t book her sooner. Our styles are exactly what I like and I’m just so glad. 

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Expertise On Both Ends

Having a branding photoshoot is like having a wedding day. It’s so much fun, even though it’s 2 hours—I’m very fast at changing into my next looks and preparing ahead of time. What I also love is she has a videographer, stylist, and makeup artist with her in case you need that option. I did my own makeup. Because my experience with new makeup artists I haven’t worked with are negative. 

Not because they’re not skilled, it’s just you need someone who knows your face and features. Mine I’m used to and it took years just for me to figure out the right skin tone with color theory study and going to different experts who all said different things. It also didn’t help that I was traveling so much and out in the sun a lot. So that’s my choice to do my own makeup. Hair, I don’t mind if other people do it, but I had a blowout the day previous with my fabulous hair girl. 

Nadi’s Star Power

It’s not off my radar to try a new makeup artist and hair done. But I’ll definitely try things a few time before I officially put my stamp of disapproval and say I don’t like it. I want to get the experience in a few times to be sure. But next time I will get the videographer and stylist, because I’ve never worked with a stylist before. And as for online marketing, video truly is the future. 

I am officially welcoming Nadi Moss into the League of Extraordinary Femme Founders and highly recommend her as someone to collaborate with in Los Angeles, or if you can afford to fly her out for work. I know she’s in NYC quite a bit doing some work. She typically announces on her Instagram if she’s going out of town and if shooting dates will be open.

Aside from that, she has 2 instagrams @nadimossphtoography and @artyhope which is her personal account. She is also an event planner for some serious shows and music festivals similar to Burning Man and has that positive burning man vibe. I love her. She’s super easygoing, like a big sister, and I can be comfortable around her. She’s also not pretentious and just does what she wants as opposed to what’s trendy. 

She’s magnificently styled though. But I love everything about her and working with her. 

You can see the photos on my instagram completely finished but here are some. And here is some of her work. 

The first shoot I did with her was in my backyard. The second was in a studio I rented, which I like to call the Pink Room. 

Final Thoughts

To be completely honest, there’s no other local photographer I wouldn’t want to work with again. Nadi is just affordable enough for the insane quality I’m looking for, and I’d book her every single month multiple times just to get a good repertoire of images going for my content. And I mean this level of magazine-haute-couture quality content. She also really captures what I look and feel on camera without extending what I am capable of. I actually feel like what people imagine a model to feel. Though directed professionally with grace.

Nadi’s bedside manner is above and beyond what I’d expect, considering the general roughness of the industry and its artists. I’m thrilled to know of Nadi and have collaborated with such a queen when it comes to attention to detail. That’s why I’m officially welcoming her to The League as an extraordinary Femme Founder.

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Are you planning your next big photoshoot for branding or digital content? What are your thoughts on Nadi’s style? What are your struggles with finding a photographer? I’d love to know more of your thoughts in the comments!

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