Weekly Fall 2022 Outfit Ideas: Satin Dresses To Live In

Here are some outfit ideas for this week that keep you comfortable at home, on a day date, or any evening out. You will look so elegant, elevate any event you visit, yet still be mobile while looking good. In other words, these styles check off a lot of your boxes.

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All of these looks are from Hello Molly, SHEIN, Free People, Tory Burch, Steve Madden, Reformation, J. Crew and more. As an advocate for colour theory and psychology, I absolutely love using bright and inviting tones to look friendly and approachable. There are so many thought out social aspects in this ensembles thoroughly organised.

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The Dresses

A lot of the looks were sold out, but I love anything satin, classic and elegant as these designs. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Is there a certain style you’re looking for? I can help you find a link to something specific — online shopping / hunting is kind of my thing. Do you have a similar style you’re trying to style?

Let us know in the comments below. The only stupid questions are ones that are not asked. I’d love to know your feedback. Let’s get the dialogue going on fashion, because ugly outfits are a global issue.

Let’s talk bags

The pink bag was a wonderful gift from my gallant husband. We were walking through Bloomingdale’s a bit before my birthday. He dropped me off at home and went to work. At least, I thought he did. Apparently he remembered my reaction when we passed it and how I mentioned it’s one of my drop dead dream bags. He drove straight back to Bloomingdale’s and bought it. Lucky him — it was the last one!

feminine outfit ideas fall outfit ideas 2022

This Tory Burch iconic convertible crossbody to mini handbag is so high quality. I feel like it’s almost an invincible bag, where it never gets scratched, is super structured and a whole other level of secure. It’s so hard to get pick-pocketed with this fabulous piece. Definitely a keeper.

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This Whiting & Davis petite clutch is so insanely chic. I have an iPhone 13 mini in pink and it does not fit. Secure this if you want to be in the moment at your evening event, focus on your date, and live your life without that dopamine phone addition fix. In style too. Fabulous things come in small packages.

This Steve Madden clutch is currently on sale and the Cognac version is out (thank goodness I got it here), so get them while you can! I love it, because it’s the Hermes Kelly Pochette dupe at a much more affordable rate. Style does not have to be expensive I am telling you.

I got the white and the cognac, because white is perfect with my whole capsule wardrobe, and I wear tons of white in the evening to look more formal. It really does stand out. I’m a the high quality hardware detailing, and this clutch is convertible.

It’s a proper clutch too. I see sometimes women carrying wallets looking like the help running errands rather than a lady having dinner. Clutches are longer and bigger than your wallet, and much more elegant!

This tapestry mini tote is if the skirt of your grandma’s couch was remade into this purse. I love it, because it’s really accessible, lightweight, and I love the design. The pistachio tone with the beige floral thread is visually stunning, and can be dressed up or down. It has that homegrown feel rather than a hard, city, structured accessory.

This is my favourite evening bag in this whole haul and as an accessory in general. It’s so timeless, literally looks like you are holding something mystical and too small to carry your phone even if you have an iPhone mini. Mine sticks out at the top a bit over an inch. It’s also super slinky and not structured. This way you can fit your keys, ID and lip balm. It matches everything, is showstoppingly stylish and perfect.

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Small bags? Why?

  1. If somebody asks you to put something in your bag you can say it doesn’t fit.
  2. It’s easier to carry if you don’t like having a lot of things.
  3. People can focus on your outfit.
  4. If you are petite like me (5’2″/1,6m) it looks more proportionate.

Get the looks

Thank you so much for taking time to read the end of this post. I hope you find some inspiration in this and feel free to share with your friends as a free way to help my blog grow. Your support is endlessly appreciated. 

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