Weekly Beauty Favourites: Luxe Beauty v. Amazon Beauty

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Here are some things that have been making my life easier when it comes to being polished and put together in a whim:

Chanel SPF 50 CC Cream. This has ‘correction’ in the word twice and I’m a huge fan of anything that makes your life easier with having multiple solutions in one. I hate layering a thousand things on my face as it is with constantly putting my skin through so much during filming. This feels like an OG formula when it comes to sunscreen, so this is just a heads up for the smell and coagulation of the tinting tone. It’s quite a fuller formula too when it comes to coverage.

The Maybelline SPF 50 full coverage foundation does wonders considering it was only about $7, makes my skin look so next level perfect — blurred, smoothed, everything — and truly gives me that natural look. I am stocking up on these for good. Without the zinc smell that usually comes from sun protecting creams too!

Colourpop lip liner has been my beauty haul go-to for years. The pigment is always INSANE. I always thought the company was charging too little, but listening to an interview of the brother and sister duo who founded Colourpop is inspiring. They inherited a lot of their tools, so they have the ability to share the gift of beauty for a lot less. Who doesn’t love more bang for their buck?

Chanel lip balm. This is something I use ALL. THE. TIME. My husband uses it before bed. Every night at our bedside, he swipes on some of the clear lip balm. I have multiple all over the house, and there are more colours, but I prefer to keep my pillow colour free when sleeping on my side.

Dior Rouge Dior Lip Balm in Cherie. This has all the benefits of the hydration and lip staining of the Dior LipGlow, but in a more elegant and sophisticated casing. It is very old school Dior on the outside with the body-chemistry-melding progressive formula on the inside. Also stocking up on these. They’re perfect for travel and looking good in a snap. Multi-use products are kind of my thing – said every lazy aka efficient person.

Fenty Cleanser. Rihanna did an incredible job and I think this is one of those things you can definitely charge double the price for. But she doesn’t. Which is one of the may reasons we love her. New album? Who cares. I have Fenty Cleanser that I’ll be using for the rest of my life. The smell, packaging, the way my skin feels, and how it looks. We obviously ask way too much from Rihanna. She overdelivers with this next level cleanser.

The face spinning cleanser brush. I’ve been using this for years, gifted it to family members including my husband, and it gives me so many options when it comes to taking care of my skin at home. I have a luxury spa in my bathroom now because of this thing that clears my skin instantly when it’s used! I have a good spin in the shower and before bed, but only sparingly, meaning a couple times a week to not do my skin in too much.

Rose & Argan Oil hand wash. This smells like expensive perfume when it’s less than $15 on Amazon. I can’t believe it. I even bought more haha. I’m touching my face a lot more, because the holidays are coming up and I feel stressed out, so this is helping me keep my skin clear of stress acne and dirt acne.

The Laundress: Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. I love this stuff so much! I’m having so much fun washing my cashmere with this — I have a video coming out so Subscribe for The Glow Up weekly newsletter to make sure you don’t miss that post coming soon! The scent is in cedar so it helps moths stay away from eating the collagen in your cashmere leaving holes in your beautiful garmnets.

Free People Octopus Hair Claw. I have been using this for years now. It is so sturdy and hasn’t broken yet! There are times where I will sit against the wall or have my back against the seat when driving on accident and it does not break. It does not make a cracking sound and springs don’t give. I have run through so many hair claws that easily break after a few months, and this holds my hair in place with all the give in the world.

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