Weekly Beauty Favourites: Look Younger, Healthier, & Brighter!

I’m feeling the process of aging hitting me. All the skin concerns that are mentioned in commercials, online ads, and beauty podcasts are starting to be visible on my face. Instead of panicking, I stick to a ritual where I summon demons and sacrifice a — just kidding. I have some go-tos that help me stay sane when I see myself in the mirror haha.

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Laugh in the face of wrinkles, because you are prepared with simple things that won’t break your budget or have to make you flip your whole schedule upside down. You can cut down on the time, energy, and monetary spending when you are blindly trying to find something that helps you stay fresh-faced and pickled for as long as possible.

Just as a reminder: stay on top of your quality of sleep, how healthy you are eating, and what you are doing to break a sweat and exercise to keep your hormones and all around health in check. These things will only improve your skin’s appearance as long as you are taking care of the fundamentals.

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Skincare is a marathon, not a sprint. Preventing the worst that could happen to your skin is better than having to deal with the damage afterward. It is also much harder to do so considering some things cannot be undone.

On top of using these tools and keeping in mind my integrative health, I avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, any type of drugs, and clear my lifestyle of negative habits on my health as much as I can. Loving and appreciating the aging process and what is happening to your skin is an endless journey of discovery. Dealing with what you can control right now is a part of healthy skin behaviour!

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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