We bought a house, farm, and ranch!

I will post the video vlog soon.

Sunday Apr 16, 2023

This is going to be so exciting! A handful of projects will take about a year, because there is so much to do. The outside alone is overwhelming with cleaning up the barns, manicuring over a million acres, properly cultivating zone six vegetation, and so much more. 

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Things I’m looking forward to

  1. Our grocery costs, energy usage, and bills are going to go down. 
  2. We can farm our own cage free meat. 
  3. We are going to cultivate our own produce. 
  4. We can hunt on our own land. 
  5. We can hike on our own private property everyday. 
  6. Owning my own forest of hundreds of trees
  7. Fixing up the barns
  8. Designing & creating bespoke furniture 
  9. Hosting outdoors and indoors
  10. Hosting overnight stays in our guest cottage
  11. Renovating a house
  12. Building a palace from scratch on another part of the land 
  13. Growing tons of our favourite flowers, trees, and all kinds of plants
  14. Zero traffic
  15. Being able to get some sun everyday without neighbours looking at me
  16. Having my own horses, cattle, and several hundred animals
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Mr. Dixon and I looked at three houses in person and considered another two online with our agent. It was fun, easy, and a bit of a roller coaster not knowing what to expect when it came to the wonderful individual accepting our offer. I thought about how this was going to go, and it was definitely much easier and quicker with the help of our fantastic realtor, Jeromey Weinert. He is in similar shoes with his family, but a few steps ahead. This made things so much more fun, and we learnt a lot in the process.

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My husband and I are extremely decisive people knowing exactly what we want. When we set our sights on something, we get it. This is why we got married after knowing each other for only two months, and still have stayed together for years. When you know, you know, you know? 

The house itself has a lot of work to do. We have so much more exploring we need to commit a good amount of time to. Hopefully, the person moving out will be able to fulfill her end of the contract swimmingly so we can get started on moving. We gave her sixty days maximum to take her time to really get herself together so she does not feel rushed, and she feels comfortable with the offer, but we know she also wants to move on with her life. 

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A new page has turned and this is the first time Mr. Dixon and I are fully dedicated to purchasing all things luxury. We can finally relax knowing we have a place to lay our heads as our main legacy home. This is also the biggest luxury purchase we made together. I cannot wait to pass this down for our future generations. They will realise how incredible our taste was haha.

We have so many plan as you can see some of them scratching the surface in the list. In addition, I can actually spend whatever I want on presents for our family, big buys for Mr. Dixon, because we have a ton of space to store it, and we can go crazy with forever pieces, because this is our final resting place as we know of today. We still cannot believe the first home we buy together is a house on quite a bit of acreage. This is the American dream come true! 

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