Use This One Simple Hack To Avoid Dry, Flaky Skin Under Skin Makeup

Whether you a foundation or a concealer user, there are so many benefits to wearing a good coverup that enhances your features. 

However when using an oil-base foundation or moisturizer, clumps and bunching of the product can occur. 

Primers might be able to keep the makeup on all day but have an awkward unfinished appearance when it comes to even distribution of the pigment.

As a firm believer in concealer, I have tried every primer, every formula in every order,  SPF pre or post solution, setting sprays, and all the things you could think of. Until now.

The simple solution I haven’t really thought of and one would might want to avoid for such dry skin (one would think). 

Here is the easy 2-step trick!

I wanted to give my face a break from all the strong chemicals of different brightening serums, acid toners, and miracle moisturizers when I simply added a vitamin D serum to my face. It’s one my facialist used on me that doesn’t quit. 

Then I added my Fenty concealer directly on top afterward. It glided on. And honestly I’ve never seen concealer applied and glide this way. There was definitely something new to my eyes when witnessing this.

One minute after carefully applying with my little flat concealer brush, it evenly spread on my face and blended like nothing. My face looked so natural I couldn’t believe it. There were no —what I call—potholes, dips, or parts of my face that looked terribly not exfoliated. 

The makeup was even and most of all, blended. I am the worst when it comes to blending makeup. I guess my face is just so dry that it sinks into the dry crevasses of the unknown. I’ve never been good at blending and this was the most seamless application of my makeup I’ve ever seen. 

Can’t wait to try it again and take more photos! 

Dry Skin-Havers: What have you used to create a seamless canvas for skin makeup? I’d love to know your trials and thoughts in the comments.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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