Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

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Unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas are easy to find in 2022 when you know where to look

And how to think outside the box. No more cheesy boxes of chocolate, and lingerie. Lingerie was always one of the weirdest gifts, because it’s like who is the gift really for? It’s also extremely personal, and sizing can be tricky — even borderline offensive if someone doesn’t pick them out correctly!

Skip all of the stress and wondering with the ultimate gift guide to end all gift guides. Here are the best gifts for your wife or girlfriend in 2022. Some of these items are specifically for Femme Founders. Y’all know I’m here to support women of industry, so these are also for those who have a ladyboss in their life!


Write a love letter in a beautiful pop-up card!

Because your passion burns like a thousand suns. Why a Valentine’s Day pop-up card? It does 3/4 of the work for you when you don’t have the energy to jump up and down and sing to her.

TIP: A way to keep things simple when writing out a love note on the card is plagiarizing. In the best way though! Google a couplet or romantic sonnet by Shakespeare, and you’re in the green. OR simply write down what you want to say, make it rhyme, or translate it to French using Microsoft Translate (it’s more accurate than Google Translate). It gives an extra sense of flare. Because you care.

Shop these beauties here! They’re always a success when surprising someone you love.

Cook something together or serve her.

Put your best foot forward with a wonderful, well thought out recipe you’ve been keeping a secret. Perhaps you’ve been hinting that you have some skills up your sleeve, and this is the time to shine!

If you two are making an activity out of cooking together, be sure to be as inclusive as possible, and share the workload to create some value in teamwork. If you’re doing the opposite and want her to sit back and relax, be sure to prep beforehand so you’re not sweating over the stove.

Check out these cooking tools, and dishes that will make serving and dining extra special!

Dried flowers

Fresh bouquets are beautiful, but they are temporary, wilt, and even smell if one doesn’t take proper precaution and care of them afterward. It’s a lot of time and effort that goes into rearing them in a vase, more or less choosing the perfect one!

Fresh flowers still thrill me until this day, but I find myself not making the time and space for them in my life. I found the alternative of dried flowers one day when a friend set a prepared bouquet of them to me on my birthday. They were pink – my colour! – and are still on my armoire sitting up tall and well.

Their preserved life makes the price and energy all the more worth it when you factor in the lifetime appreciation that they will bring you. You can swipe through and curate your own from scratch in all these creative boutiques on Etsy! Mix and match your favourite tones and buds to make the perfect person smile every time they see them.

A little holiday away

Taking a busy woman away from her life is a giant ordeal in itself. This doesn’t mean you have to splurge on a trip to the Maldives to make her feel like a queen. This can simply be a little weekend trip to the coast, or a day trip where the two of you can be surrounded by nature.

Remove her from her usual environment, and get her out of her comfort zone, by showing her what she’s missing out on when she’s not spending time with you! The simpler the better. If she’s running her empire from home, the last thing she is thinking of is a vacation. If you are able to coordinate and plan a little picnic for two, she can put her stresses and responsibilities on the backburner as you teach her what it means to be mindful and together again.


Coffee / Daily motivation

For each individual this might look a little different. When you’re partnered with an absolutely ambitious go-getter of a lady, she is probably hedging all her bets on her morning routine elixir.

This could be coffee, tea, something non-caffeined, a nutritious smoothie, or even nootropic adaptogens. Get her the mix she needs, a beautiful coffee mug that reminds you of her, or even her dream coffee maker she already knows how to use.

You encourage and support her through showing how you want her to succeed by being productive. I personally have the ugliest mug for my coffee, because I need the most, but the only reason I use it is because it’s HUGE.

If you can somehow insert your way into reminding her of your foundation as her advocate daily, you have done her a great favour, my friend.

Tech accessories

Being an online business owner seems easy, because you basically just need a computer and wifi. But when you’re next level creating, the amount of storage, and memory your computer is running on might not be enough. I’m constantly finding that if I don’t have a certain microphone, I’m not able to have proper audio over my content to present to clients. Audio is the number one issue people have when watching videos and presentations – even over visual!

I end up going down the rabbit hole of doing a bunch of research on the plugins, extensions, and wire accessories I’m spending a small fortune on just to hook up the right plug to the computer for what, what, and what!

One of the biggest business rules is to simplify and focus. Having the right tools can hinder you from being successful, and efficiently producing. I know my world shifted when I upgraded my phone, or got a computer with faster processing, or an external storage drive.

Give her the gift of helping her accomplish as much as possible, as well and fast as possible with some quality tech accessories! They don’t necessarily have to be something with impressive specs. It can be something as uncomplicated as a really good pair of earphones, so she can focus.

[Software] Programs her business needs

Remember, anything you give her towards her industry is a business expense as you are investing in her. This means you can write these items off in your taxes, and phones can be written off for 50% as the IRS sees is being utilized for personal use if she has one phone. It’s another story if you have an entirely separate phone for business, and that can be written off completely.

Another burden you can lift from her is her software needs. Whether it be a program she uses all the time like Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, or Illustrator, or Planoly to help her market her business online, or even Quickbooks.


It’s always a huge weight lifted off my shoulders when I have instant annual access versus monthly fees I have to remember to keep up with, then I’m scraping what I can for the end of the month before all the bills hit again. Overhead is the most stressful part of being a business owner, and especially when you just want to focus on creating profit.

Jewelry with precious metals

I’m not a person who wears a ton of jewelry, but when I do, it has lots of meaning. A majority of the jewelry I’ve received in my life were gifts from people who are very close to me.

r the ultimate memento. She will think of you every time she sees it, or will only put it on for special occasions. There’s no other feeling better than giving someone something they can cherish enough to pride something as that special.

The truth is, she is special to you, and this is just a tiny way of showing it. You give her a reason to dress up and go out, and be seen by the world as an extension of you on your arm. When you’re not near, she’ll have something beautiful to commemorate your unforgettable moments together. She is reminded of what she means to you, and how hard you try to show her her worth.

I’m not the kind of person who buys jewelry on a whim. For the longest time, I could only afford fast fashion jewelry. When you get a real piece of gold or silver, she will remember it forever, because it’s not something most people have an abundance of being exposed to on the regular. It truly is the eternal gift that keeps on giving.

Have you ever given or received a particularly distinctive present? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love for you to share ideas with those who need them. Also, subscribe for more self care, self image, and self growth!

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