Tired of trousers? Here’s a tweed skirt for winter

Ugh. Trousers. Warm, but not as whimsical. Long skirts are lovely, but become a drag in between your knee high boots in the wind. I need something less commonplace. A garment htat is more fun, freeing, and unpredictable. With tights and leggings underneath of course. If you are an LA girl like me, prancing around my Hollywood Hills with a long, fuzzy cardigan, you get it.

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Springtime and Autumn is rampant where I used to live. Now in the middle of the American countryside, I miss those days of wearing skirts. How do I mitigate this sense of lack? With a strong, sturdy material that stays in place, and a weave that brings me back to the United Kingdom. Original Harris Tweed. Not this wannabe twill.

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This poly blend is a result of my affair with fast fashion from SHEIN years ago. Okay, less than a year ago. I love the colours, awakening like sweet pea petals in March. Like this skirt, they were buried in November, and I will see them again soon. 

Layering is your friend. I am reminded of that scene in Sex and the City when Sarah Jessica parker is with Baryshnikov. He recites poetry he wrote her romantically. She responds with Vogue’s article on Oscar De La Renta’s latest collection. Ahh. Music to my ears. Style that seems so distant.

For now, I will wear you with long underwear, layered under tights, with stockings over them. I will appear as if I gained a few bricks of weight, but I will feel delighted again as if I am colouring my world wearing the designs of my springtime style. With wellies in the backyard. And that is it. No public showcasing this personal daydream. 

Tweed skirts. We will meet again.

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