Tinted Lip Balms Busy Women Need Now

I’m obsessed with tinted lip balms because they’re the easiest, most efficient, most glamorous items you can have in your makeup bag. They’re halfway health and 100% beauty, because I feel so glamorous when I can apply something on-the-go without looking in the mirror.

It’s beautiful to be able to build a brand, be busy, but still look like you didn’t skimp out on time to get ready. Lipstick needs to be touched up and even gives you a reason go check your teeth in the mirror after a dinner, but this is the daytime glam you need for the office, with the kids, or even when you just don’t want to make time to make yourself up to the nines.

Here are my tinted lip balm glam picks:

I promised you too will be obsessed with them!

First, let’s start with the ultra-moisturizers

Here are the extra dewy choices in case you have larger lips like me that need longer-lasting liquid feel. I also talk a lot, so it’s a matter of my lip health at this point. Stay hydrated, baby.

Christian Dior’s Lip Glow never seems to fail me even after the gloss is gone, because the pigment is there and my lips look super slick and healthy afterward. That’s never happened to me before, so I bought it in every single color. Each has the flavor and scent of fruit and flowers. Very natural and understated though. Not overwhelming like a child’s perfume.

Exact same for Guerlain’s KissKiss Rose tinted lip balm. It also smells and tastes like roses. It’s so luxurious and is probably one of the most lavish yet next to Christian’s Dior’s Lip Glow. You cannot go wrong with this lip balm!

Next, the ones that are easy to apply without a mirror

It’s especially for that when you’re hurrying through traffic and didn’t get enough mirror-time to not be late. It happens – we all know. And it’s not our proudest moment, but looking good vs. on time still needs to be dealt with!

And finally, the luxurious baumes for your lips

I’m not typically a fan of something you have to apply to your hands, because it takes more time, isn’t as hygienic, and you might need a mirror. HOWEVER. This Lilah B. has me, because the pigment is insatiably infallible even after the dewiness is gone and moisture is still there.

Same goes for this fabulous set by RMS. I’m a huge fan of samplers, because I simply cannot make up my mind and want to take my money further with more options.

Which are your favorite beauty brands you’re currently obsessed with? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Finding out your favorite beauty brands helps me do better research on things you may not have known about the brand, and guide me to shop with you in mind! I’d love to leave reviews for items you’re contemplating purchasing. Just let me know in the comments below.

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