Timeless & Elegant May Dresses You Will See Me Style This Season

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If you have been following me for a while now, you have seen me elevate my style in the past Winter, because not only did I move somewhere that actually snows during the holiday season, but also is cold and grey nine months out of the year. This is the first time I have truly lived in a region that experiences four season. Or as we like to say in Kentucky: twelve seasons. Yes, it is that unpredictable.

Having been a Los Angeles woman for a majority of my adult life and an Orange County girl for my adolescence, the weather has never really changed.

In other words, we were perpetually stuck in Spring and, every so often, Summer.

This fact makes me the resident queen of Spring wear in this older state almost on the East Coast.

The predicament is I left a majority of warmer climate garments back home in Hollywood Hills with those I donated them to.

However, I did manage to keep a couple bags of clothes I am currently planning on giving to the charity shops and selecting a handful to sell on my Poshmark account.

There were some pieces I did not have the heart to give away, because of the fantastic fit I cannot get anywhere else. Back then, quality was not my top priority. Nevertheless, I still managed to salvage timeless pieces that still work today, have been working for the past one hundred years, and on for another. These were the styles worth keeping that I have not seen any distinct difference with higher quality brands whatsoever. There is something to be said about that.

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For this Spring and Summer, I will be styling these all over again, shopping my closet, and sharing how to style what you may already have, or introduce a design that will not come between you, your wallet, and the passing of seasons. Trends should not dictate what you wear. Why would you let someone else tell you what to wear? Yawn. In this Timeless series, I will show you how to make what you have work for you.

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