Things to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single

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1. Have a movie marathon and binge your latest favourite show(s).

This is fun on absolutely any day, but it usually happens unintentionally. I know you’ve tried to not binge watch a show, but ended up doing it. So why not purposefully watch all the episodes of your latest current obsession on Netflix? Even if you’re not a person who binge watches all the time and is disciplined, it’s a feel-good time to allow yourself what you want to do and you deserve to take some time off.

2. Have Galentine’s dinner out with friends.

You don’t need to be by yourself necessarily on this special day. If you’re planning to do something with friends and make each other feel like each others’ special dates, remember to book ahead, find a place you’re all comfortable with going to, and that there are possibly going to be prix fixe menus with hiked up prices. You’re also going to be surrounded by a lot of lovers and couples out, so it’s more fun to do this as a bigger group of at least three or more!

3. Make a spectacular dinner for yourself at home.

You are the best date after all. Make sure to go all out with what you make, re-create your favourite dish, and set up the table extravagantly. It’s Valentine’s Day! You have permission to love yourself.

4. Go to a theme park near you.

You can go with friends, or to a boardwalk by yourself and people watch. You might even bump into random friends, or create new ones as you’re out. I know this is daring, but this is for that go-getter girl who’s not afraid to put themself out there. I do this a lot, personally. My husband is really busy sometimes, or friends just happen to not be available. Who cares. Enjoy spending time with yourself.

5. Make a decadent dessert with all the fixin’s!

You can pick up all of your favourite toppings at the grocery store and create different mixtures and concoctions to generate the ultimate ice cream sundae! This can go for baking a really indulgent cake with multiple layers, a pie with all the berries and fruit you like, or even a really yummy milkshake or smoothie to add to your repertoire.

6. Whip out the journal and plan all your trips and adventures for the year.

Sometimes I like to be level 100 organized and just plan day trips, get ideas down of where I’d like to go (even if it’s by myself), and try so many new things I haven’t done before. It doesn’t have to be anything wild or grand, but just day trips like going to a new beach I’ve never seen and just expanding my mind by seeing things I haven’t been exposed to yet. It’s exciting!

7. Host and invite friends over for a get-together with drinks.

It’s never not a good time to have friends over. Just lightly put some things away to make things neat, and create a safe space to get loose, turn on some music, and catch up. Having friends over never has to be complicated! Just invite through a text, or if you want to be more formal, create a virtual invitation using paperlesspost.com for that extra touch.

8. Have an old fashioned slumber party and bust out the games.

I absolutely adore playing Uno, boardgames, and all kinds of card games with friends. It doesn’t have to be dungeons & dragons level intense, but something with simple rules, or even get to each other games that ask questions. You can also invite cousins, tell stories about boys, and just gossip. My favourite thing to do at a slumber party is just to be in pajamas, lounge about, and turn on a cult movie like Mean Girls or the Hot Chick and just scream-laugh with some of my favourite people.

9. Binge watch my Youtube channel for more self care, self image, self growth, beauty, fashion, and business!

Duh! Or find another Youtuber you’re obsessed with, or channel topic you’d like to dive into. it’s always fun to have it on in the background while cleaning the house, getting some grunt work done, or getting ready. At least I do. It helps set up my mindset for the day depending on what I’m listening to.

10. Go late night swimming

Rule number one about summer: if you’re neighbor’s got a pool – you got a pool. Haha. I have a hot tub, but only like to use it in the evening. It’s more relaxing personally. Time to wind down and let go. But my friends and I actually harass our friend to use his pool, because it’s nice, private in his backyard, and he’s really fun to hang out with. Aside from that, if your friend has a swimming pool in their living complex, that’s cool too! Just be courteous to the neighbors.

11. Spa night at home is always the answer.

Even when others are around, or I’m on a Facetime call, I have a face mask on, whether it’s an LED mask, hydratig sheet, or some sort of face tool to massage my face. I take no prisoners when it comes to my skin and go all out. You can do the things you’ve been dying to do that you haven’t gotten around to. Be extra and get into those hard to wax places, clean your nails and shape them, and duo the deep body scrub you’ve been thinking about.

12. Ingest content.

This can be reading a book, listening to an audiobook, podcast, or lecture online. I do this every single day and literally dedicate days on my to-do list to certain audiobooks, a particular podcast I’ve been wanting to get around to listening to, or binging lectures online in a specific topic. It’s always great to glow up, really master what you want to learn.

13. Go to an event by yourself.

This can be a friend’s performance, an art exhibition, or concert, or even slam poetry. i love going to concerts by myself, because music is so personal. I truly enjoy going to see even a small show, or stumbling through a crowd in a warehouse party. No matter, you get some culture, and have a heck of an experience with nobody to drag you around, and you can do whatever you want without anyone holding you back.

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Anything you add to your self love list that I didn’t mention? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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