The Ultimate Luxurious Friends & Family Gift Guide

Here is how to shut your family up once and for all. Not in a rude way, but in a way that they will be speechless from picking up their jaws off the ground haha. These items can be used as main presents or stocking stuffers. Nevertheless, they will have a high quality little special something they can smile about and feel the Christmas spirit.

christmas gift guide 2022 for friends and family and acquaintances luxury gift guide
christmas gift guide 2022 for friends and family and acquaintances

Here are my fabulous picks I personally have already purchased that you can share with friends and family this Christmas. Subscribe for The Glow Up weekly newsletter and never miss a single post! This post contains affiliates. Read full disclosure here.

The Cashmere throw blanket

There is nothing more luxurious than the breathable, anti-bacterial fabric of cashmere. The slogan of cotton being the fabric of our lives is incorrect, because it is definitely not mine. I recently had a family member who was not able to use both her arms after having a really invasive surgery. She was confined at home and spoon fed, but that does not mean she has to wallow in misery.

I wanted to get her a cardigan originally, but did not want her to struggle with putting her arms through sleeves, so I got her this cashmere throw she can lounge in anywhere around the home. Or even use it as a shawl at the airport, or in her car, now that she’s better. This is perfect for the living room or as part of your sleeping set. It’s impossible to go wrong with such a luxurious thing you use everyday.

The cashmere cardigan

I got this for my father in law, because I did not know what else to get him haha. He doesn’t really like me, because we have nothing in common. Or — honestly, I don’t know why he doesn’t like me. I have nothing against him, but he always seems to not like me. Anyway, I guess I wanted to show him I love him anyway, so here is a wonderful sweater!

A cardigan to be exact. He has very classic style, because I know he used to shop a lot at Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Now he wears a t-shirt and flip flops everyday, because he’s desperate to live on the beach but never actually swims. It’s more typical here in Los Angeles than you think! Get a classic colour, a simple cut, and something you know the person will wear. Again, you can’t go wrong with cashmere.

The cashmere wrap

I got this wrap for my step-mother-in-law. My husband’s stepmom. She’s a convivial lady who has very glamorous relaxed style. I wanted to get her something she could feel comfortable in when going out, but luxurious at the same time. And she can throw it over her shoulder like 1950s movie stars too. The pashmina wrap is such a versatile piece for the day, long trips or a flight, or simply a night out on the town.


Candles are luxurious in so many ways. First off, your room smells gorgeous after lighting a particularly refreshing fragrance oil. Second, it sets up the mood lighting in your home when the sun goes down and helps you sleep when you live by natural light. Your body slowly winds down for the evening and your health shoots up immensely. And third, it immediately makes you feel more calm, mindful, and aware of the moment, because if you do not remember to blow it out with a cloche, things can go terribly wrong haha.

Candles are the ultimate gift no matter the occasion, whether it’s a house warming, the first time you meet someone, or need something for an acquaintance you are not sure what to get. I personally restock my purchases on these babies on Nordstrom. There is always a candle in my online cart.

The water carbonator

I got this as a gift for a family member and have used it myself a multitude of times. It really elevates your meal when hosting. I know someone who calls sparkling water ‘the nectar of the gods’. I think it’s okay, but I know so many people who are obsessed with gaseous water. It makes people feel fuller, be more mindful of their meal, and it looks amazing in the kitchen!

The YETI tumbler

If you don’t think this is luxurious — you haven’t owned one. I have the one with the handle and

  1. It keeps my coffee warm 5ever.
  2. It doesn’t spill if you have the top in and flip it over.
  3. They come in so many colours!

Apparently, if you run them over with a truck they are also indestructible. I originally thought these were for camping, but no. These are for life. If you have children, a pet, or a clumsy family member, these are absolutely going to help you get the coffee fix(es) you need to trudge through your day.

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