The Ultimate 25-Step Spring Cleaning Detox & Self Care Guide

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I try to do this all at once every month, but end up breaking it into smaller sections of sporadically doing certain items throughout the week. It is good to break things up, because this list is long, and taking care. of oneself can be seen as a monumental task and chore rather than something one looks forward to.

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Spring cleaning in itself is a huge deal to take inventory of what you have, get rid of things you do not need, and making temporary storage for things you plan on getting rid of. I make endless lists on several different organisers and notebooks only to lose it all. After learning my lesson, I compiled it and posted it on my blog to be able to find it when I need it haha. 

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This is a wonderful event for you, dear Reader! Perhaps you have the time to do this all in one day, or manage to break it up into seven days of little bits here and there.

  1. Make a smoothie.
  2. Workout
  3. Meditate
  4. Apple slices under eyes (and then eat them!)
  5. Put on a detox mask.
  6. Have a cold shower (it starts out warm).
  7. Deep clean my face with a face spinning brush in the shower.
  8. Exfoliate with Lancer Method Polish in the shower.
  9. Do a Hers hair scrub and hair mask in the shower.
  10. Wax my body with this at-home kit (most of me is lasered from years ago)
  11. Blow dry my hair
  12. Floss, tongue brush, brush my teeth and mouth wash with Marvis
  13. Journal
  14. Pickle my entire body with Aveeno lotion
  15. Clean up and file my nails — I like to varnish them with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and the top coat too.
  16. Curate a beautiful outfit for the day, put it on, and make outfit ideas for the week.
  17. Make my favourite tea.
  18. Cut up fruit.
  19. Put on my current perfume.
  20. Clean the whole house one room at a time, dusting and polishing everything.
  21. Hand wash all the silk, wool, and cashmere items in the house.
  22. Organise my office for the week ahead.
  23. Delete contacts, texts messages, and emails to create space on my hard drive + people I do not talk to.
  24. Clean out all my handbags and find lip balms I was searching for.
  25. LED mask before bed

Notice I do not have archery, ice baths, or a hike on here, but I highly suggest doing something a little bit different out of your comfort zone too. This way you get a new perspective and possibly a new lease on life. It is those out of the box things that propel us forward in the human experience. Get off your phone, separate yourself from the internet, and go outside to breathe in fresh air. I like to do a two-for-one, and go outside with loved ones to spend time with them in nature. Give it a go! It is worth a try.

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