The Silk Intimissimi Trousers I Wear Daily

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If you read my last post on all of the silk essentials I wear daily in my wardrobe, you will find this as one of the staples in regards to my at-home lounge wear. A wonderful subscriber who has been following me since the beginning of my channel is the one who suggested this post. Here is how I style black satin trousers.

These straight lounge pants also come in a light cream colour that are almost blush in the light. I have both, but find myself wearing each equally. Usually, if I purchase two of the same item, I might lean wearing one style more than the other, but not in this case.

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Actually living in them by cooking with a chic apron, only wearing them at certain times – around when I wake up and about to go to bed – make more sense to making these last longer. It also separates the time of day when I need to be productive by getting in and out of my lounge clothes. They state whether I am in ambitious-ready-to-leave-the-house-when-I-need-to mode, and the sun is setting and day is almost over mindset.

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Another reason I started wearing more silk at home is because I want to be close with my loved ones. Physically. If I am holding a baby, they would feel comfortable being in my arms. My husband holds my hand in my lap and does not feel itchy wool. He turns his head to see what material he is feeling. It is almost like skin but not.

When the FedEx gentleman needs something signed, I do not feel entirely embarrassed when answering the door in satin silk trousers. When in my tartan pajamas, I feel like I should not be wearing them during the midday, yet I get around this issue by looking somewhat dressed up in these stylish pants. It looks deliberate.

If you do want to dress it up to go out, I have a proclivity for long sleeve silk tops to match. A long sleeve polo for a smart casual look. Or a halter silk top that can be worn in several ways. A cardigan makes it look even more dressed down, but in an easygoing manner that says you also like to read haha.

I like to go for a softer look, and a lighter, more inviting colour does all the work for you. Keeping it simple and warm with a lighter layer as a roll neck or turtleneck keeps things conservatively dressed up while still being casual. It is a look that you will be taken more seriously in the darker the tone. But mix it up with something light and fun, and all of a sudden you are comfortable on the sofa or cuddling up with some pillows.

Satin trousers when worn out are immediately more of a city slicker style. I picture girls in LA boarding a G wagon with huge don’t talk to me shades. However, I like to make it a bit more approachable with the Angelina Jolie minimal approach that says comfort is my priority.

If you have been following me for a bit now, you know I never dress for comfort unless the dress code clarifies to do so, so I am sticking to this when at home as a main loungewear, or ‘homewear’ as Intimissimi puts it, and plan on keeping it that way.

Let me know if you have a favourite style in the comments, if you like silk trousers, or wear satin trousers out. I always love hearing from my fantastic readers. You guys fuel me to post more and are my inspiration.

How would you style satin trousers? I would love to know more in the comments below. I posted way too many photos for this post and cannot stop laughing at how comfortable I look. There are too many photos on this camera roll haha.

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