The Parisian Look Vs. The LA Look: Which Actually Looks More Natural?

I’m so used to reading TeenVogue, blog articles, and Youtube channels talk about a specifically French look that gets so much attention: The Parisian look. As in the red lips, dark hair. Maybe some messy bangs, imperfect hair, no makeup – only good skincare and mascara. Such an iconic look, how can one forget?

Let’s break it down.

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According to all the books, blogs, magazines I’ve read on all things and people Parisian and l’interior de France, skincare seems to be the priority when it comes to aging, and looking good. The focus is facials, masks and SPF to not have the need to impart the use for such skin makeup as foundation or concealer.

I have to be honest, I was a part of this club. Meaning, I only used eye makeup and lip colour if need be, also making me wonder why I had such a difficult time with blending bronzer and blush haha. I had no idea what I was doing years ago. Oil based concealer was a nightmare for me, and everything just felt so messy and expensive when it came to finding my correct tone. So I opted for the Parisian look by default.

What made things even funnier was I dated a guy years ago who knew me in the prime of this time of my life. He thought I never wore makeup and was natural lol. WHAT.

I went on dates with multiple Parisian guys. They said they love the natural look & really they didn’t even know what I did and were happy either way. Also, my closest group of friends here in LA are born and raised Parisians. But it doesn’t mean I’m 100% an expert about Parisian beauty. 🙂

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Los Angeles

The ultimate monopoly for all things makeup, because well, Hollywood was created here! A whole industry dedicated to movies AKA immortalizing beauty, and looking good on the red carpet. I think we have some tricks up our sleeve that are endlessly iconic and innovative, consistently upgrading the way women look today.

On social media, we get to see more of these skills from the experts themselves as they share their work on celebrities. And the stars are more than excited to show off their glamorous looks, because it’s ephemeral.

The Case

Bare with me lol. I recently did someone’s makeup for fun. Well, I was feeling sick and it made me feel better. You know how little kids want to do a bunch of cartwheels and then feel better? That’s me, but with creativity.

That someone will not be revealed, because they’re a bit of a public figure and they asked not to be.

But I did their makeup in the most flattering, natural way possible. This wasn’t my initial intention, but I started to see where their face and skin tone would take me. I wanted to bring out their eyes and that was the challenge I gave myself, as they didn’t mind me doing as I pleased.

They were patient, listening to my gentle direction of allowing them to close their eyes and look up at certain angles for a few minutes. The look only impressed them.

They looked in the mirror. Only to realize they looked done up, but didn’t know how. Examining their features, they insisted something was done to them as they sat there and witnessed me apply pigment to their face.

Some LA Inhabitants below

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Lopez
Alessandra Ambrosio

Thank you, Kylie Jenner. Well, she didn’t teach me anything personally, but inspired me for the look in general. I used everything from contour to lip liner. I wish I could post before and after photos, so you’re going to have to use your imagination here.

The result: they looked years younger. ‘Fresh – faced” as TeenVogue would call it.

The Realization

The general breakdown of the Parisian look is natural skin tone with potential skin makeup if the skin isn’t perfectly healthy from moisturizing and cleansing, naturally. With open eyes that look awake – not necessarily with eyelash curling, but just from application of mascara to the natural shape of the lash. And some bright red lips. Et Voilà!

I used to wear this look all the time for YEARS. The initial reception, people slammed me for. Asking, “Why are you wearing red lipstick?” Me: “Why are you wearing those coloured sneakers? I’m discovering myself! I love this look.”

But over time I’ve realized and been told how aggressive it was. Then learned to find which red was for me, and which red to wear at night. And how to manage it without getting on my teeth or out of my lip line. It’s a high maintenance look for such a simple face.

Even the history of red lipstick is of the royals, and much older to show the obvious pigment of such rich tones.

Yes, Los Angelenos do a little bit more here and there, but using primer and SPF underneath the concealer goes a long way. Literally, the look lasts longer, is less obvious with using subtle contouring and highlight for the cheeks’ natural arches. The softer lip is to put up with the body’s temperature change and fluctuation of melatonin throughout the day. More than actually putting a face on. It’s glowy, enchanting, and all in all healthy looking. It’s definitely harder to tell if we have obvious makeup. That’s a true testament to doing good makeup. If you can’t tell there’s any makeup – you’ve obliterated your job. 

Sure, the eyes are wide awake with a full set around the eyes, because we want the we woke up like this look where you wake up and do the least. Meaning, micro-powdered brows, maybe some filler, semi – permanent lash extensions, and now there’s even permanent concealer (thank you Brazil).

Being a Los Angeles beauty lover means being the closest natural thing we can be to ourselves but as a movie star on the regular. Instead of the big screen, we show up in offices, or WFH in our loungewear only to take selfies that are #nofilter.

Even on multiple occasions the natural LA look is in: pictured the Queen herself below

on a regular day
on the red carpet
in a white tie gown

In Summation

I’m very proud to have a subtle, natural look. Even if it does take a little bit more work it’s so worth actually seeing me in the mirror. When I remove the assertive layers and tones of red off my face from such a bold red lipstick, I look like a different person.

Though it’s fun to play dress – up sometimes, I incorporate both efforts of different cultures into my routine. Taking care of my skin and wearing a teeny bit more makeup. Both cultures are brilliant in the end.

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