The luxury gift guide for the person who has it all

When you cherish someone, you absolutely want to spoil them, because they make you feel so loved. Giving generously is my signature go-to move for the holiday season, and quite frankly, it is also my forte. Over the past few years, I have purchased my husband almost everything designer under the sun.

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Once, after a spat, my husband went into the closet when he was upset with me. He looked around him and realised how much I loved him simply because he was surrounded by beautiful things that reminded me of him. His belts, exceptional jackets, wallets, shoes, cufflinks, pens, colognes. Even his lip balm. After that, we never had a fight about being ungrateful ever again. I know it sounds corny, but he texted me how I am somehow everywhere by the fact that these presents were prompts of wonderful memories. 

This also comes back to the gifts he had munificently given to me during the course of our marriage so far. All the high quality, long lasting items that we can pass down to our grandchildren are from him. I do not know anyone else with exceedingly remarkable taste and thought into what we share together. Here are some luxurious gifts either I have sacrificed a lot of my time for or have endlessly appreciated.

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I will have a whole gift guide on tech gifts, because. I am obsessed with tech gifts. They are something really special that I was given during the holiday season from my parents if I was a good kid haha. This was rare. It was the pinnacle of gift giving, and my dad only got me tech that helped me advance my education or career. These days, technology is simply something that makes my life easier, faster, and more convenient. It’s the little things. I remember how much life changed when using AirPods at the gym daily.


Cashmere is my go-to gift to give when it comes to birthdays, holidays, and housewarmings. There is nothing more luxurious than this ultra-soft material that makes you feel loved and special anywhere you go. Whether it is something you wear to make you truly feel decadent yet comfortable, or something you wrap yourself in warmly at home. You cannot go wrong with cashmere. You can check out my whole cashmere collection here.


This is what makes you look and feel young. Taking care of your hands is so underrated! I see so many women who pay through the nose thousands monthly on their face, hair, clothes, and beauty products only to have their hands betray them. Here are some hand sanitiser minis, hand lotions, and 100% silk opera gloves. I have these in the light pink/cream. The longer, the warmer to layer with in this holiday season.

More silk & A Signature Life

Half my wardrobe is silk while the other half is cashmere. You can check it out here in The Uniform. There are bits of wool and cotton, but I started out my silk journey with these beautiful pieces. First off, DVF, a personal icon I have followed since I was a teenager reading her cover to cover in TeenVogue. Next is a newer heroine, Ramy Brook. All her styles make me look and feel like a million bucks. Not only that, her designs are also 100% silk. 

The DVF classic wrap dress in all silk and this top that can be styled in 8 different ways are pretty darn luxurious considering that you can wear these in so many show stopping ways no matter the occasion while looking like the most polished lady in the room. I like to travel with both these items. The DVF wrap dress to be dressed up and leave an impression. The silk halter to make it look like you have an entire wardrobe in your suitcase. I’ll have a whole video on how to wear it in 8 different ways coming really soon. Subscribe for The Glow Up newsletter and never miss a single post!


If you want people to take you seriously, you will have a good pen and good penmanship. You can check out this quick and easy guide that elaborates why and how to do such things. Here are some pens from my personal collection that make you stand out from the crowd as a prepared lady or gentleman. These go-to writing instruments will make you take extra care of what you have, and have less low quality pens one would normally be accepted to lose.

The 100% Silk Scarf

I was about to spend a designated $1,000 I allocated toward my scarf budget at Hermes until I realised they did not have a single design I cared for. This is referring to their online store that I checked daily since everything is constantly out of and in stock, yet there were no colours or patterns I was immediately drawn to. My goal was to find something 100% silk, matches all the items in my wardrobe, and beautiful in style. This Aspinal of London scarf comes in so many more options of neutral hues, is HUGE, and goes with everything I own! You guys have been loving this scarf as one of my bestseller items.

Italian Coffee In Style

What other delicious way is there to have my morning macchiato? I love making stovetop espresso with rich flavour. These designs and various sizes only add to my daily routine and productivity.


Leaving a legacy behind for my great grandchildren means them remembering my recipes. Perfecting my skills in the kitchen was instantly more glamorous and convenient with this interchangeable-tool KitchenAid. You can do everything and anything with an extra mechanical hand in the cuisine station.

The High Quality Bag

The bag that actually protects your stuff. Quality in this domed satchel is top. I have loved Dooney & Bourke since I was little. Now as an adult, I have owned many luxury bags, yet this is better than all the French bags combined. I have a whole review post here. The lining of the bag is next level with natural materials – not this unlined nonsense with polyester satin lining that makes me yawn. I am obsessed with this as an overnight bag, work bag, travel bag, protects and fits my iPad Air bag, and everything in between. 


Enough said. I’m in. Elizabethan Rose is my hands down favourite luxurious scent when it comes to signature fragrances. The concentration of the English flower is evident with each spritz. I love this Royal Warranted brand, and cannot get enough of their beautiful designs perfect for your loved one’s vanity. I cannot take my eyes off it.

Take Notes

Whether you are starting a new job, collecting your thoughts, or plotting world domination – you will need a spectacular notebook to get started. Here are some of my fabulous favourites I literally use daily.

Chanel Lip Balm

Who said looking good has to take 5ever? Tinted lip balm makes it so easy, and luxury Chanel camelia oils only let you use less that lasts me for about 10 hours if I am not eating or chatting away. Say goodbye to awful lip balms with cheap hyaluronic acids that make your lips peel and make you empty your wallet to go buy more. These quality balms last and hydrate your lips for those long days of lacking hydration or priming for a glam look.

Calpak Travel

I have been using Calpak for years with quite a few of their pieces of luggage in delicate metallic hues. It is sturdy, has accessories I never even knew I needed until I used them, and my travel game was suddenly much more comfortable. These are a must-have for the luxurious traveler who does not want to worry about their luggage being scratched or looking dated. You will also know which luggage is yours at baggage reclaim right away.

A Versatile Wool Hat

I got this hat to be smart enough for the city yet casual enough for the country. My husband will be the first to admit that I am mostly dressed up no matter what haha. This hat is perfect for being taken seriously at work yet you can go to a quick lunch. I love Eugenia Kim’s designs and one of a kind style that suits my wardrobe styles while also keeping me chicly warm!

On The Agenda

Being organised and prepared is sexy. Knowing your schedule is the only way to stay on top of what outfit should be worn when, and keeping the details straight on your next meetings. I have used a planner every single year, and pretty much everyday since I was 12 years old. It is important to get started young when getting your life together, and you can also do it in style with this floral design. I like to make sure my agenda is decorated and colourful, because it really does make a difference with attracting my eyes towards my goals. I do not want to be bored and uninspired by my plans, so they have to be glamorous and wrapped in dreams as this baby.


This is my very Los Angeles me speaking, but also the person who has had health on my mind from junk food diets, anorexia, and trying to simply get back on track with my stomach health. I love this brand, because I tried them first with their teas, metabolism shakes, and various purposeful bars. I found out about Sakara years before I learnt how they were what the stars ate to feel and look their best. I cannot rave about this company enough. Their flavours and help with gut health will only add to your life.

More Healthy Tools

Making my routine easy and helping my loved ones be healthier is a huge help when it comes to having a blender, brilliantly simple recipes to keep things interesting, and gives me more ideas the more I use it. This blender and food processor mixes things up in the kitchen when it comes to making soups, chopping difficult vegetables, and especially making smoothies for my husband before his Jiu Jitsu sessions.

Make Memories

People have zero idea what this is when I pull it out which is the whole point haha. I am always trying to share content with you when it comes to filming and vlogging lowkey in exceptionally upmarket places. It feels rude to pull out an iPhone or camera when I want to be unnoticed in such a stunning location. Also, I felt stupid when quickly pulling out my iPhone 13 mini – aka a thousand dollar camera that hardly works in low light – in a three star Michelin restaurant in London. 

This is a teeny tiny camera that actually fits in my evening clutch, comes with a case and wristlet strap, and is a gimbal. In other words, if you trip, the camera doesn’t move one bit haha. It also has a smooth gliding effect when you turn and doesn’t have hard, sharp banks to jar the viewer. It films front and back with the ability to lock what you are filming or to smoothly move around like a gentle work of butter art. I cannot recommend this enough. It also comes slightly cheaper in black.

A Cardholder

I feel like James Bond when taking out a folded cardholder. There is something so elegant about it, and Aspinal of London lets you personalise your leather goods. There are so many hues in immaculate finishes. I will always give this as a gift, and collect all of these myself! My husband was the one who introduced me to this when I noticed his wallet had his initials. It was used into the ground and he definitely deserves a new one.


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This post is sponsored by The Glam Shop. Glamourise your everyday life with everything to elevate your beauty routine, home interiors, and style. Visit The Glam Shop to support the creating of my content and glow up your everyday style!

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