The easy silk outfit that makes you look like you tried

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You do not have to actually put in effort when dressing. The trick is to look like you tried. Let the fibres, make, and flow of your outfit do the talking with this simple yet elegant look. It is positively effortless!

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Long nights, lack of sleep, and taking on a lot can make you feel overwhelmed. You never have to look like it. Fake it till you make it, because this outfit will keep you going through the week.

The Silk Shirt

You cannot go wrong with a silk shirt. This is the saving grace that is probably caring the entire outfit (outside of the boots). It makes you look like a million bucks even if your hair is not perfectly coiffed. Even if you forgot to put on jewellery, because you were in a rush. When all your other shirts need a wash. A silk shirt will always make you look good. Oh, and it is also insanely flattering no matter how many tacos you had this past weekend.

The Skirt

A black mini skirt is a classic in my book. It is more fun, casual, and feminine. You can trade this out for a midi pencil skirt — which I am still in search of the perfect one — or some smart wool trousers for work. This skirt is what makes the top look like you are not a walking parachute and shows off you have a figure.

The Boots

Knee high boots make everything look more high quality. Especially when they are real leather that ages beautifully with a strong, thick heel. The shoes really finish the ensemble, and make you look like you thought about what you were wearing well in advance. They also make your outfit go from day to night in case there are drinks or dessert post wherever you are headed.

The Bag

Everybody needs a bag that is comfortable for Spring and Winter. I am so tired of backs being cold structured leather when my hands are prone to freezing easily. Yes, smoothed and bound leather looks amazing and is easy to clean. However, if you want to mix things up for something more fun and cosy against your skin, Anine Bing always has my favourite chic handbags!

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