The easy elegant everyday outfit perfect for travel and maternity wear

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Dressing up comfortable for a trip without entirely giving up looks very alluring when coming across those in pajamas at the airport. Some individuals have evidently unfinished business getting ready for the day, why shouldn’t you? As attractive as the notion is, you will be treated if you put in effort. Or at least look like you did. It does not actually have to take any energy whatsoever as long as you have simply elevated pieces to make you appear put together.

Here are some stylish staples that do not give away how little time you had this morning:

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The Sweater

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If you are on an airplane it gets cold once you hit 10,000 feet. Sometimes the fans above you are on, and you do not want to mess with comfort on a plane. Whether it is a long ride or a quick trip, you want to have options for layers with a consistent temperature. Wearing an oversized chunky sweater will be your friend when it comes to the airplane bloat and doubles as a blanket instead of stinky used airline blankets. The oversized look is also maternal friendly to those carrying a little bun in the oven.

The Easy Silk Top

Moderating your temperature is key when thousands of air in the feet and when pregnant. I remember having distinct hot flashes hitting me in different moments of the day. Having a sleeveless layer as an option was a huge help. Not to mention silks being breathable as they are. I wear them daily at home or layered when outdoors.

The Bottoms

Some people find jeans to be comfortable, however I do not find them to be. If I am not on my knees working in the garden or clipping hedges outside, I opt for wool or a lighter cotton to be able to move around in. This calls for a smarter wide leg or straight leg cut in my trouser, but here is one of my favourite sustainable denim pieces from Reformation you will find when scrolling. Especially for long haul flights, I want something more forgiving and stretchy to sit in. Being comfortable is top priority when pregnant. But also not looking like a slob who is not a functioning member of society.

The High Quality Accessories

The final touch is more utility, but make it stylish. I like my elegance with a side of quality and panache. Keeping accessories simple with tons of versatile flair is what I love for any occasion. I also find myself taking better care of my things when they are less yet well made. Let them do the talking. Not screaming.

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