The Cult Gaia Dora Knit Cardigan First Impressions

I got this sweater excited to start my high quality new way of life with slow shopping and only buying what I need. There was a huge error I made of buying not only too much, but utter garbage I was too embarrassed to even be seen wearing. It does not make sense to buy something you will not wear no matter how much you think you like it in the moment. Because it’s trendy. Because it’s cute. It’s too much of a weak excuse to have something lie around and take up space in your closet, your mind, and out of your wallet.

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My husband got me the pearl bag years ago from Cult Gaia as a gift. It is also an heirloom piece that I treasure until this day and use it when we go out, to the opera, and before Cult Gaia was known for the design. People always asked me where I got it from.

Cult Gaia is the ultimate slow shopping, high quality, LA luxury design house that made me proud. As an LA lady, I love going out and show stopping is the name of the game when it comes to their timeless, yet out of the box thinking styles. Their unique pieces are insanely out of this world masterpieces, and my husband even takes note of how many compliments I receive.

You can get the cardigan here. Click the image to shop.

cult gaia dora knit cardigan review

This video is really funny to me, because this is exactly what we need to think when shopping. You really need to take some time to think if it matches your lifestyle, other items in your closet, and if you will actually use it. I had to take months to discern all the outfit combinations before buying my Hermès mules. The belt was easy, but is it something I will actually wear? I’m spending all this money online and for what exactly?

This wool blend cardigan is so outstandingly elegant and chic even if your outfit underneath is quite simple. It can hide under the statement of this asymmetrical assembly and optional roll neck with cut out shawl composition. I can see myself dropping off kids, going to date night, running around the house, and meeting up with friends in this warm and cuddly work of art.

Let me know what you think in the comments below of this cardigan style. I always love hearing from you.

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