The Case for Christmas Cards & Handwritten Notes

Should you do them? Yes. And this isn’t me being insensitive to those who don’t celebrate Christmas.

You can apply it to any holiday–Channukah, Mother’s Day, birthdays. Any notable days where something is recognized or revered, take the time to scribble some thoughts, even if it’s 2 sentences.

I personally like to go all out in the card, and write something simple with the people I’m not that close to. With people I’m extremely close to, the card will be simple, but have tons of writing with notes and sending love.

Either way, my preferred way of saying thanks or acknowledging a special day is with a pop-up card. They’re $10 on Amazon, so simple, entertaining, and one of a kind.

You don’t have to sit with a drink like Hemingway and have a therapy session. Thank you notes are more than enough. Just have one or two well-thought sentences expressing what it means to you.

Whether you had a job interview, coordinated with someone online who gave you access to a club/membership, the concierge at a hotel who helped you with extra amenities, your accountant, your family-in-law, anyone outside of you should receive a card at some point in their life.

People completely disregard hand written notes because they’re either lazy, or (I think) were jut not raised right haha. The parchment doesn’t have to be lambskin. It could simply be a 50 cent card from a pharmacy. It’s the literal version of “the thought that counts.”

I invest in this with a set of monogrammed cards and notepads for personalized letters to friends, simple yet colorfully designed ones for strangers, and proper pop-up beautiful images for people I closely care for.

It only makes you look and feel better in the end.

Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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