The best man’s speech etiquette and rules

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The best man’s speech etiquette and rules.

Speak only between five to fifteen minutes. Do not go on too long.

If you are not used to public speaking, keep it brief and heartfelt.

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Make sure you include mentions and stories about both the bride and groom.

Your speech should celebrate the groom and his bride, not humiliate them.

Never be rude about their families. I don’t care how funny you think something is.

Moderate stories: keep it clean and appropriate.

Don’t discuss the groom’s former conquests and girlfriends. It’s extremely bad taste and only embarrasses you.

Avoid risque jokes, no matter how much you want to add them in. 

If you’re struggling, include a joke at your own expense to make the guests laugh.

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If you do embarrass the groom, do it with genuine wit and good humour.

Never, ever make personal jokes about the bride.

End with a toast to the bride and groom: ‘Mr. and Mrs. X’.

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Remember, there is more to being the best man than making a side-splitting speech. You will need organisational ability, an attention to detail and plenty of charm. 

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