The $49 Silk Skirt I Wear With EVERYTHING Every Season

This skirt is $49.90, because there is no middle man or enormous marketing campaign allocated to that part of the brand’s budget. I love supporting American brands and this wonderful company based out of San Francisco creates everything from bedding to stylish dresses I incorporate into my Uniform and other daily essentials.

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I immediately became a fan when seeing the price, and then even more so trying it on at home. Buying two of these splendid skirts made a ton of sense, because I literally reach for this garment every single day. When I am too lazy to dress up or put on a gown, I made that extremely doable by making this a part of my Uniform. When I wake up early for an appointment and have zero time to get ready, this makes me look like Kate Middleton. Not far from the truth when it comes to the royally elegant length. 

It is also stretchy with an elastic band and you can wear it high waited, mid waisted or low waisted. I prefer all of the above! It is always good to mix things up, and gauge my style keeping trends in the back of my mind. However, nothing is more timeless and makes you look polished than silk.

Even though it is washable in a machine with a delicate setting, I still hand wash it myself along with other items. You can call it cathartic, but I like to call it paying extra tender loving care to the items I bought once in order to wear them forever. This way I appreciate my clothes more and the thought that goes into wearing and making them. 


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Here is what the sight says:

It’s mini in length but maximum style points. The washable silk mini skirt is made from 100% washable mulberry silk in a satin finish. Pairs perfectly with our silk cami and has a hidden elastic waistband for easy fit.

  • Hidden elastic waist band for an easier and better fit.
  • Material: 100% Mulberry Silk Satin
  • Weight: 19mm fabric weight for a premium drape and hand-feel
  • Mini length, intended to hit mid-thigh. Length: 16.5″ (size small)
  • Origin: Shenzhen, China
  • Model is 5’9″ and wearing a size small in black
  • Model is 5’3″ and wearing a size small in navy
  • Model is 5’10” and wearing a size small in champagne

If you wish to maximise the life of your product, hand washing in cold water is the ideal method. For machine washing, wash in cold water on gentle cycle with similar colors. Turn product inside out, and wash in a garment bag. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Line dry. Cool iron on reverse side if needed. Dry clean if needed.


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