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I was thinking about removing my surgery videos for a while now. A while meaning several months. When initially posting them, I had nothing holding me back expressing how those who get it get it. For the most part it is true! There are disclaimers in the very beginnings of my videos stating that this is not to motivate one to get surgery, but to simply walk those through the process of what to expect for those who have long ago made up their minds. Those who already scheduled consultations, what pains to expect week to week, and even what the scars might end up looking like. It is an individual case by case scenario that no one can foretell, but at least the main notions are covered in my audio visual guidance.

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These videos are the place where I spark the most hate and angry trolls going through all my videos sending me how much they hate me when they have not viewed the whole video. They take out their anger on me with every comment as they search through my videos. I always laugh at the things they say, because if they simply pressed play, they would see the disclaimer at second one of that post. But they do not. They simply want to be angry and I ignore them. When I do read what they say it makes me laugh at how people simply wake up to want to be upset at others, because they want to force their agenda on others. At the end of the day, if my videos were not full of educational information — they are simply entertainment.

Friends and family used to ask me if I was worried about what I posted and how it would affect my business. At the time, I saw so many other brands committing to their profanities, heightening hype on nude posts, and other doing everything else in their lives with a vulgar proclivity. Worst of all, they did it for attention. When more came, the more they turned up the volume as they topped themselves. The tower of Babel looked nice when it was up, but it will eventually come crumbling down to the Earth where it started. Nothing was wrong with it to begin with, and we are encouraged to glamourise an extreme life on social media. What is wrong with living a simply beautiful life?

Originally, I created my vlogs to keep up with family and friends overseas. My husband’s family is across the pond in the United Kingdom while I still have loved ones in Denmark, in addition to friends I still Whatsapp from Russia, Africa, and Singapore. If we cannot FaceTime, we keep up with each other’s social media as per its autochthonous use. Now it is used to flash with screaming photos of your second-skin yoga pants as you curse men in the gym.

Everyone wants an audience. I want a journal. To look back on and not realise how much growth has occured. I am very visual after all. I see pictures in my head, and came across a Jordan B. Peterson podcast that explained it all. Perhaps I am not stupid, unreasonable, or out of the ordinary. I am just part of the population that uses their brain in a different capacity. Without propensity for digital devices in the first place. They are simply tools as a hammer or writing instrument. What matters is what you do with them, not that you have the most expensive, shiny one that is never used. If you have been following me, you already know I have a penchant for old, used high quality materials that will last through absolutely everything.

The inexhaustible dressing sexy, sporting logos, and who has the biggest pee pee makes me laugh. Perhaps that is what these notions and perspectives were created for. To entertain those who do not care haha. I woke up to the singing of what sounded to be one hundred birds this morning. It is a frequent reprieve the internet cannot take away.

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This is why I took down all the photos where I am dressed in the tightest cutout clothes that do not mark any specific occasion. For instance, a holiday where I am meant to be donning a bikini, and that is the only reason I can see myself posting my body in anything revealing. I do not want attention for those reasons. My direct messages used to be flooded with losers begging for weird things that make me feel sick. It took me a bit of time to return to Instagram after that.

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Since posting with sartorial layers and understanding of conservative allure, I have been attracting a whole other level of individual I would actually prefer to spend time with. This has also connected me to those who are similar-minded on the surface and so much more deeply to the core also.

It is crazy what putting on clothes can do.

I love tailoring and bespoke pieces more than ever, rather than following boring trends of people telling you what to wear. That is the most backward thing that has ever come to my attention. But people love putting on their sheep costumes and clapping for the emperor not wearing any clothes. The thing that is most messed up is people think they are being individual by regurgitating all the things they are learning to do and say on social media.

It is so easy to sell your body on the internet. Look at Shakira. She has eight Latin Grammys and still cannot sing. She is great at performing hits, but that is a whole other set of skills, and she found something people absolutely love. Now, they love her no matter what she does. Everyone either wants an audience or to be a die hard sheep. But inside, they still want to have an audience. Hoping it will happen to them.

The challenge is actually finding something people want to visit you for. Visit your online page, vlog, website, Pinterest board. The challenge is thinking outside the box and using your brain in the first place. When you realise something gets you attention, you chase it. The truth is, sometimes people simply want to watch you because of how you look. It has been proven time and time again in multiple studies how humans want to be surrounded by beautiful people. They prefer to be around those with good genetics, because they usually have tons of positive and healthy things to contribute naturally. I created a whole video on this.

Say you do have that beauty. That form and functionality. Now, what are you going to do with it? You have the world as your oyster — as Shakespeare put it. Are you going to be an intellectual who bosses everyone around like the true elitists? Are you going to be obsessed with money and looking like you have it? Are you going to travel the world to hopefully find yourself?

Then there is the boring not so flashy route. Are you going to find ways to fulfill a deeply challenging purpose? This could be perfecting the mundane. Raising kind children. Keeping in consistent touch with friends, family, and nature. I want to have it all. I have been through a lot of the phases, and am hoping there are several thousand more haha. I have done all the stupid things and then posted them on social media. I have embarrassed myself by having a bad temper, and treating others poorly. There have been times I wanted to forget my family and friends.

At least I tried it and realised it was not for me. It is the ultimate regret to wonder what if you did not take the risk. For me, anyway. I am glad to say I learned to not post every little detail about my life on social media. You only see what I want you to see, and that is a tiny imagistic sliver imminently quelled by the limitations of audio-visual’s lack of duration. I am so tired of status. This is why I created my own place in the middle of nowhere away from this mania. Slowly posting small bits of vlogs twice a week, a book club for only the rest of this year, and then tapering down once a week on YouTube is my goal. Hopefully, it will only be twice a month long after that, but we will see how leaves turn. No matter how it plays out, I want it to be a wholesome, luxurious, and high quality life.

Thank you so much for taking time to read the end of this post. I hope you find some inspiration in this and feel free to share with your friends as a free way to help my blog grow. Your support is endlessly appreciated. 

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