Summer Skincare Level-Up: Body Scrubs You Need Now To Feel Fresh

If we could list the endless visualizations that come to mind when it comes to a fabulous summer body it would simply come down to being:

  1. Hydrated
  2. Silky smooth
  3. Glowing – maybe even tan
  4. Relaxed from summer vacation

So basically having rough, dry, flaky, irritated skin is what we need to focus on tackling every summer. Aside from the obvious daily skin struggles, also protecting ourselves from heat rash and summer adventure symptoms of sweat are drawbacks to summer fun. To combat that, we’ll need to level up our power showers and exfoliate! 

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The key is to stimulate blood flow and promote collagen production.

It also takes your skin to a whole other dimension and makes you look glowing with a silky smooth layer of your outer shell!

LIFE HACK: Before you shave any  part of your body, be sure to exfoliate it first. Then after use conditioner for your hair on the parts you just shaved. It makes your legs look extra shiny, feel smoother, and not overstretched by hydrating your exposed new layer of shaved epidermis.

A summer struggle I have in general is keeping fresh all-around. This means after a workout, I try to shower right away to avoid heat rash and blemishes. Oh, and just all around smelling stinky.

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That is not cute on anybody at any age! I’m trying to smell like a snack over here. So this is the step I’m taking to make my shower more luxurious. Or just luxurious in general, because though my products are excellent, I take a fairly short shower and just want to get in and out on a regular basis.

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TIP: Pay extra attention on drier areas like knees and elbows.

Sometimes I will be in the middle of an exorbitantly intensive project in my business and realize I need a break. Especially when I wake up, get to work right away without showering, and have had several coffees that are wearing off. A shower is much needed for so many reasons ha ha.  

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Benefits of exfoliating

  • leaves your skin glistening with a golden hour glow
  • Detoxifying & exfoliating, sensually soft
  • Formula helps initiate inside-out rotation of sin cells to transform skin texture
  • Evenly toned
  • Part of contouring regimen, providing anti-cellulite & draining properties
  • Whole body instantly smoother, softer, nurtured, outshined, & rehydrated
  • Energize your skin & senses to get rid of dullness
  • Soften your skin & relax your mind
  • At-home spa life! You can always come back to without worrying about tipping
  • Harmonious luxury package just for you
  • Year-round circulation, energy-boosting, silky, softly shimmered, radiant skin 
  • Renewed skin instantly

But what if we could also protect from free radicals, promote healing, help fade scars, and leave some serious hydration even after washing our bodies? These shower staples are the body scrubs to end all body scrubs to get that summer body perfection.

In the summer I’m finding myself shower twice. Because of the extra sweating and constant changing of clothes. I’m feeling my skin become rough and doubling down on washing off SPF from my body. More adventures call for more skincare. And more outfits to look damn good. 

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There’s nothing more instantly polishing and refreshing than having a proper cleanse in the shower. You immediately feel like a new person and even remember to take that extra step of self care you realized you needed.

It’s no wonder you’re looking even glowier (glowiest?) than usual! You’re taking some time for yourself that also helps you look, smell, and feel delicious.

What are some of your favorite smooth self care summer staples for the silkiest, glowiest adventures? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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