Stop using these words. They take away your power.

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Here is how to speak like a lady or gentleman. 

If you notice everything about what makes someone a lady or gentleman, all of the characteristics are what makes an individual a great leader. Someone who is strong that others look up to. You inspire and motivate with your high-octane personality. What is one small but commanding method to establish a formidable leader? Potent language. 

Deleting the word “just” from your vocabulary makes you invincible. It makes you sound certain and definitive. You want what you say to be the last word. If you want others to believe you when you speak, be more absolute. It is more compelling. Using the term “just” diminishes what you are saying. 

Next is “sort of” or “kind of”. Instead of using these weak phrases, you can say, “In a way”, or “It depends on the matter”. You sound so much more influential as if you are taking control of the dialogue. Saying “in a way” validates what your discussion partner stated positively. 

Another word is “sorry”. Instead of saying sorry when you make a mistake, say “excuse me”. 

Also, at work, never admit you made a mistake. Just state and do how you will fix it. Never apologize. You are human. You make mistakes, but a lady and gentleman is all about action, being a good leader, and fixing it. 

Remember, you want to be authoritative with your beliefs and values when you speak, but it is important to remain diplomatic. Having an open mindedness and gentle flexibility with your knowledge cultivates a dynamic lady or gentleman. 

There is a quote I will butcher that says something along the lines of, “A stupid man will go to battle on the little he knows. While a smart man holds his knowledge loosely.” Do not have all the answers. Actively listen to others in the moment. Even if they are repeating something you already know, it validates that the information you have is stirring you in the right direction. You are right on track and see eye to eye with someone else which should bring you closer to connect with them. 

Let’s quickly go over the 3 words and phrases. I want you to get rid of using these at all from now on.

  • Just
  • Sort of / kind of
  • Sorry 

I will give you a bonus one. Avoid saying “maybe”. Instead use “perhaps”. Perhaps is more open and egalitarian to what another person is saying. It is also highly elegant and declares that there is a possibility of what the other person is saying is true.

  • Remove Just
  • Sort of / kind of – “in a way” or “it depends on the matter”
  • Sorry – “excuse me”
  • Remove maybe and use “perhaps”

I want you to practice these at home, when writing or typing, by yourself. Everything starts with you at home. When you master these, you will use them in the real world when socializing and they will become natural. 

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

I’m Gia G. Dixon, an etiquette consultant certified under Royal Charter of King Charles III. Here is my guide to elegant style, high quality living, and little things that make your daily life glamorous.

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