Stag & Bachelor Party Etiquette

Here are some quick and simple things to remember before having the night of your lives at stag — or how we like to call them in the united States — bachelor parties. Keep these guidelines in mind to have a memorable yet still classy evening with the guys.

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The groom should never pay.

The groom should be humiliated – but not so much the wedding is called off.

Find out the party’s budget – don’t go abroad if no one can afford it. 

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Check if your chosen venue allows stag parties. A lot of clubs don’t.

Don’t arrange the stag-do on the night before the wedding.

What happens on the stag, stays on the stag.

Expert tip: If you’re the best man, make a copy of the speech and try it out on a friend – ideally one who knows both the bride and groom and can gauge their reaction on the day. 

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