Spring Clean Yourself: How to have a glow down

Here is some general resetting you can do every month or season to feel brand new, and make sure you are right on track with feeling well, living well, and sharing all the enjoyable parts of life with the ones you love.

Organise your home.

Spring cleaning is not limited to Spring. I like to take inventory of everything I have in my home one by one in each room of the house. Especially those that are most used, because they have the most newer and older items that are circulated throughout the season. 

This is the perfect time to put your Winter coats away, and unveil your warm weather wardrobe for the upcoming months. Finding inspiration for the season is easy when you are conscious of your surroundings. It also makes you feel lighter and ready to take on new, exciting adventures.

Simplify your routine.

At this time of year, everything is heating up, becoming beautiful in a more open and brighter sense. Use all your senses without makeup to hinder you. This is the time I look forward to makeup free days and only sun protection. I also keep a mini version in my bag when the time gets away, and I can reapply sun cream. In addition, I like to forego hair dye, because the sun can damage hair processing, and it is not worth it. Natural hair is beautiful the way it is. 

My hair is tied up, skin can breathe, I feel comfortable, and a big hat or shades help me see better. Long hems in cotton, silk, and linen prevent sun burn and low branch scratches on hikes. You can be yourself, and enjoy what nature has to offer in this rare time of year. It is really special where we live, because there is much wilder, harsher nature in the countryside. This means more variations for a sundry of things to grow.

Use what you have.

After you have gone through inventory of everything in your household, filter all the things that are relevant to your stage of life. There are things you might find that could be falling apart, about to fall apart, or things that make sense for upcoming plans. 

Use up every last bit of what you have until it stops working. For me, I like to take it a step further, and make what I have a bit better. For instance, I hemmed a ton of my trousers I want to use more often, and also cinched in the waist better so I can layer them in more creative ways that flatter my figure. 

This way I can reach for them more often, since they are already marvelous quality. I only keep things that are timeless styles. Once they have holes in them and are falling apart, I can use them as a rag. After they are done being rags, I can bury them in our farm to test how healthy the soil is for new produce.

Eat with the season. 

We are in Zone Six territory, so the planting schedule is quite simple. Beets, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, kale, lettuce, spinach, and tomatoes, among other wonderful things are available. All while beans, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cucumber, onions, peppers, squash, and other produce are planted. 

Farmers make up 1% of the US population, but feed everybody. We have even smaller farms here like ours that we like to support, because each farm specialises on certain items. This means our diet is thrilled to have new things for the season. The items get picked fresh, and we take them home to eat after a good wash. There is nothing else like it.

I remember cutting a radish in half eating one part, and putting the remaining bit in the fridge. It sat there for a day and a half and became moldy. This was a sign that this is truly without preservatives, chemicals, and it definitely was fresh. Also, the leaves have a ton of holes, so you know there are cute little bugs eating them. That means no pesticides. 

I feel really strong now too, like I am really getting some nutrition but also losing fat at the same time. I lost four pounds simply from a week of not eating food from the grocery store. 

Fulfill your curiosities.

Those little notes you have been collecting all month or season long — take them out. I have a habit of collecting interesting bits of information that were created hundreds of years ago, and learning about them later. 

I create a couple hours each day dedicated to diving deep into them and learn about them instead of watching TV or wasting time reading too much world news. Sometimes I hear a quote or witty phrase, and find out it is a few lines from Shakespeare’s, Chesterton’s, or Shaw’s works. 

I like to learn the etymology, reference around it and the history of why it was written. A lot of the witticisms we use everyday come from works like these. Other times, I will hear several different bird calls outside, so we will find out which birds are calling what and what each call means.

Every now and again, I pull out my English Quran my friend made for me and try to translate it back to Arabic. Last night I watched a show in Japanese without subtitles to see how much of the language I still remember. I found some books on finance that were already in the house and marked parts I wanted to read. Then, I made notes on what I learned. Sometimes, I like to simply read history and read accounts of the Romans point of view owning British slaves. 

Dress up, go outside, and smile. 

There is a reason I put all three of these things together. 

This is the time to wear bright colour, have a warm smile, and go outside. Enjoy your body in the sun. There is nothing more disarming than seeing someone enjoying their life. If you need a boost, look in the mirror when you are wearing bright colours to put some dopamine in your step, 

The reason I say to smile is because it also gets others to smile when they see you. It truly is disarming. Also, if you are outside, not in street clothes that are dark and edgy, people relax around you in general. They are more inviting, say, if you are walking through a neighbourhood or hiking. You do not look suspicious. 

Before we move onto our acreage, we walk on this trail that you have to pass through a community of really expensive houses, so Mr. Dixon and I are always dressed up and smiling. It puts everyone at ease as they can enjoy their day outside too. You get vitamin D, and it puts you in a good mood when people smile back at you. 

Thank you so much for taking time to read the end of this post. I hope you find some inspiration in this and feel free to share with your friends as a free way to help my blog grow. Your support is endlessly appreciated. 

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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