Spring cashmere colours and a fresh face

Spring is a fabulous time to wear softer pastel colours, and keep on your knits. Not heavy gortex – knits. The base layers for Winter that keep you sane. Peeled are the higher positioned veneers from the past season, and steadfastly remain the primary textures of what can feel like an edifice of weaves. Layering maintains its orientation for now in this installment of the budding season.

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I am currently seeking some inspiration for the ultimate trench coat for myself. This is something I will most likely wear daily, so it has to be of the utmost quality. You may have seen in my vlogs how Mr. Dixon dons a navy double layered Burberry beauty to work. 

A gift I procured, because an English gentleman without a Burberry trench is kind of blasphemy. These teachings are against the law and Church, because England does not have separation of Church and State. Stipulated in your citizenship, on your passport, it is demanded that every English member of society has to own the Basingstoke-based brand’s original water repellent silhouette.

I have seen so many heritage companies fall from grace or stray away from the original eponymous clothing designer’s mission. Designers are following trends rather than sticking to what they are originally known for, which vexes me. You have something to offer that other brands do not. An actual brand that came with time and signature. There are no parallels to that. 

This is why I do not succumb to the fashion of the season myself. My favourite North American brands are always stepping up what they know by keeping things interesting and fresh. It is much more challenging to do that. It makes you more creative, and you expand what you can do when you are resourceful. This is a trait many contemporary designers lack in my opinion.

A lot of what is considered haute couture for the past handful of decades have entirely lost function as it once was concomitant with form. Those design houses that maintained a grasp in style that was considered for the past century were the ones that managed to pull through the times. And are still stylish today.

Everyone is chasing something they are not – a trend of being told what to wear. It takes the passion out of shopping your wardrobe, appreciating what is already yours, and drains your bank account tirelessly. This is not necessarily a post about harvesting means. I am not sure if I announced this yet, but for the past several months, I have been saving for a $35,000 coat. To put a number on it on the record is a bit odd. However, if you are timeless and know what you always look good in, shopping for a lifetime vicuña coat is only the beginning of the story. That is not exactly on the expensive side considering the entering price of certain bespoke tailoring.

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As for more affordable ready-to-wear, L.L. Bean and J.Crew have been war horses in my closet for the past few years. Only a few years, because I have only been an adult for less than ten, and did not utilise a disposable paycheck towards clothes for an expropriated amount of time. My travels to other continents were my initial method of spending long before the decision to build the agentic wardrobe. 

I live in L.L. Bean and J.Crew day to day. All of my pajamas, classic designs, and even house slippers are pieces that wrap around my life. Matter of fact garments that have been tested through inclement weather, and supported me through long days being ill in bed. L.L. Bean always makes me laugh when I search for specific pieces online, because they are always estimable garments in excellent condition. 

They survive through everything without a catch of the thread. People get so sick and restless of their L.L. Bean pieces, because they are so well made, and never go out of style. The fact that they are being resold and repurchased constantly is a concatenate indication that they are never trash and always treasure.

J.Crew is where I look to for signs of the future. Trends that are not trends. Fashion that can be worn yesterday. They take something we have been wearing forever, and add a spash of colour. Make the stripes a touch wider than the average rugby uniform. Make the stitch in a standout hue. The dichotomy between fun and seriousness is a perfect balance in everything they touch. 

You do not need much styling, makeup, or high end accessories to make these garments scream. You will always look polished, in style, and high quality in these clothes.

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