SPF Beauty I always keep in close proximity

I do not mess around when it comes to sun protection. After my tewnty-fifth birthday, I got dead serious on making sure sun damage is not a thing to worry about. Smile lines are perfectly fine, but sun lines and spots are preventable. This is why I always keep some sort of SPF close at the ready whether it is in my bag, at my desk, or in the car. You never know what adventures will arise and I do not want to be one who says no.

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The main SPF beauty products I alternate regularly

I like to incorporate sun care into my routine, whether it is a sunscreen alone or not. The reason is sunscreen is for when I am not wearing makeup, and the broad spectrum infused beauty product is so I can layer and reap the benefits of sun protection without having so much product on depending on the day.

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Here is a succinct review of each.

La Mer Soft Moisture Powder Foundation SPF 50: I use this as a finishing powder or something as my main light foundation for the day. It is buildable coverage, and makes you look like you have no pores as a finishing powder. It is lightweight, has a long mirror for functionality, and easy to store in a small evening clutch.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40: This has a velvety finish that I highly recommend if you are going for a full one-product sunscreen and no makeup day. It is my favourite out of any sunscreen I have ever tried. It mosturises your skin and feels like the occlusive Vaseline or petroleum jelly based product locking in your skin’s barrier for the day without being too heavy. I have this in all sizes, because everyone needs a mini version for travel. This is is a must-purchase!

Origins SPF 40 Age Defence with White Tea Moisturiser: I have used this for years before the SPF was infused as a separate and new product. It is one of my favourite scents, does not feel like a beach sun cream with tons of chalky zinc, and is thick and moisturising. I noticed it also protects my skin from pollution when in the city.

NARS Smooth & Protect Primer SPF 50: This is similar to the Unseen Sunscreen but feels a little bit thicker and chalkier to hold your makeup in place. I still prefer Supergoop over this. This really does make your skin feel incredibly smooth though.

Fenty Hydra Vizor Refillable Invisible Face Moisturizer SPF 30: This is strongly scented with a cross between a sweet flower and sweet candy. It also stings a little on cuts if you have some from wind burn on your face as I do from being outdoors. It is good for short term, and I travelled with this only to break out. I would not purchase this again.

COOLA Mineral Liplux Organic SPF 30: We have a chemical in our skin to protect us from the sun our lips do not have. The lips give away age first. I like that there is a tinted version of a boring SPF lip balm. I also have this in the naked hue. Top marks for this, because I have been through all the worst quality broad spectrum balms that were not exactly there yet in their formula. These do not let your lips crack with cheap hyaluronic acid.

EVE LOM Daily Protection Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50: This is overpriced and oilly.

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protector Lotion SPF 50+ Sunscreen: This is on the pricier side and nothing too special, but if you need an SPF that is a high amount, this is it. I feel like it is just another sunscreen and prefer Supergoop over this. If you are looking for a one and done product, this is okay. You still need to apply SPF every 30 minutes if you are really roasting under the sun. I would opt for a 40 to keep myself safe, because it actives in 30 minutes anyway. 

Face rollers: These are also always in close proximity

These are simply great to have around whenever you are in the middle of grunt work, or doing something a different part of your brain focuses on. Some people say multitasking does not exist, but that only occurs when doing something requiring the same region of your grey matter being used.

I like to massage my face — or any part of my neck and hands — with a face roller after a nightly routine. These are around the house, my bag, vanity, and office desk in case I become engrossed in an article or project, and double down on productivity.

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