Social & Business Card Etiquette

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Business cards can be tricky. There are quite a few guidelines to remember, but I will break it down simple and clean so you know what to have on your business versus social card, how to accept one, and when to give one out.

It is perfectly acceptable to give out your card when you are departing. If you know you want to remain in contact with a person, be sure to take their card instead so that you can take charge in reaching out to them. This way you have power over the situation and can take action this way.

If you are not in possession currently of your social card at an event that is social, be ready to apologise for the inappropriate lack of your social card and remind them of your social contact information when and if they do contact you through your work information.

business card etiquette
business card etiquette
business card etiquette

Remember that depending on your position and company you work in, it is typically not appropriate to have a photo on your business card, because your merits should stand out. However, this is admissible on a social card, because it helps put a name to your face in case one is forgetful. This counts unless you are working in a more creative space as branding and marketing.

Keep your business contact information on your business card, and your social contact information on your social card. It is that simple. I used to have a tendency to tell people at work that I am ‘Ms.’ to customers or patients where I used to work. This way I keep things professional, but personally do not mind if anyone asks. The point is to set up that boundary initially and be personable and approachable as long as people are being polite.

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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