Silk Staples To Wear All Year by Quince, Ramy Brook, and more!

I wear silk everyday. There is always something fabulous made of silk in my daily [and only] wardrobe. As I type this, I am sporting a silk-cashmere blend cardigan over my lounge outfit to consolidate this information haha. And it feels great! No matter what, there is always an excuse to wear this breathable, comfortable, and flattering fabric.

The Harriet Halter Tank Top by Ramy Brook

This first top is perfect for an everyday lady of leisure or wearing this to special events. I wear it casually for dinners, evening events, or even with a pair of white cotton trousers for a day out. There were five ways to style it on their website, however I found a total of eight creative ways to wear it myself. I brought this top on a weekend in NYC for a bespoke luxury shopping trip.

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This top made it easy to pack less items, and get away with looking immaculately dressed up anywhere we went. It was really cold, so it also makes a great layering base. I love how lightweight it is. This Harriet top is the definition of luxury, because you can use it over and over again, look like a million bucks, and it is easy to wash.

The Delicate Wash

I never thought I would find myself hand washing clothes, and going back to basics. This was definitely worth adding in here especially if you want your beautiful clothes to last. If you are someone who works really hard to not waste a single penny as I do my best not to, you will appreciate wearing the heck out of your garments.

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This is why I made The Uniform. I stick to a lot of similar silhouettes, but at the end of the day, it is all about looking good. To add that extra touch of polish, your clothes should not look worn and destroyed simply by a few washes in your machine. Also, dyes can get intense bleeding in to one another if washing more than one item. Depending on the process of dyeing, the colours can run. Not all silks are created equally.

Washing your own clothes by hand in the sink

  • makes your clothes last with less damage
  • is relaxing
  • saves water
  • saves power
  • helps you become more mindful
  • makes it easier to clean direct stains
  • makes you buy less garments for smaller loads haha

Remember that a little goes a long way with this washing detergent, so it will last you a very long time!

The Meg Top by M.M. LaFleur

Here is me having too much fun taking selfies in the J.Crew dressing room at Rockefeller Center in NYC.

This next top was purchased from a brand called M.M. LaFleur. Another American brand from New York, I was excited to patronise a company that is full of empowered ladies giving back to the less fortunate by donating outfits to help other women get back up on their feet. Sometimes a job interview is simply one outfit away. This is something I can attest to as someone who has been hired by my outfit being assessed. Yes, Beverly Hills offices are a cutthroat place! You have to have the entire package or nothing at all.

This top can be worn in two ways – reversible from front to back. One side is a boatneck, the other is a scoop neck. Both cuts are insanely flattering and my husband always makes comments on how stunning it is. It also comes in an onyx colour as is on final sale, so be sure to snag one before they never make them again! 

The Aspinal Signature Shield Silk Scarf by Aspinal of London

This scarf has a bit of a story. I was ready to drop a decent amount of change when looking for my dream Hermes scarf only to find that there were no colours suitable for my tone, or designs that could match at least a majority of my ensembles. If I am spending a pretty amount, I want to be able to actually use the style. When googling a 100% silk scarf after the defeat of that short shopping incident, I stumbled across Aspinal of London. A British brand my husband introduced to me years ago. This scarf matches EVERYTHING in my closet and comes in more colours!

The washable silk mini skirt by Quince

You may have seen me wear this skirt in many posts. I do not mess around when it comes to wearing high quality clothes evreyday as a part of my uniform. I call this my Kate Middleton skirt, because the length is positively royal. Fit for a princess. I have nothing but good things to say about this skirt and how often I receive compliments when wearing it. I have been asked if I was a professional ballerina, if I was going to church, and endlessly approached about this silk mini skirt.

Currently, I own three of them. Two of the silver-beige-greige hue, and a black one for good luck and more serious occasions. Just as a heads up, it has an elastic band on the waistline without ruching and goes up to your midsection. In other words, it is a midrise cut, but you can also wear it as a low cut skirt. I use it as both depending on my mood or the day. There is also a longer version you can check out here.

The silk satin lounge trousers by Intimissimi

One of my wonderful long-time subscribers on my Youtube channel asked if I could style black satin trousers, and this was the result! I never wear black really or satin trousers, so it was out of my comfort zone. After this, I really started gettin into the idea of wearing more black, because it is simply pulchritudinous, and I have been incorporating more of the colour in my wardrobe. This makes a great high quality and headturning staple. It is silk. How can one go wrong?

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The Leo Pullover by M.M. LaFleur

This is definitely something you can wear up or down. All the men’s versions at different stores are so much more expensive, and right now this is on final sale with even more colours than I own. I regret not purchasing it in black, so I might have to return to M.M. LaFleur for another online visit.

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Long sleeve polo tops are so chic. Especially when they are lightweight like this. I wear this all the time as you can see in all my posts. The day we decided to make an offer on our new land, house, farm, and ranch – I was wearing this silk top with a pair of H&M trousers and Le Chameau boots. This top is solidified in my mind with powerful moments that added to my identity capital. You can even call it my lucky top.

My Silk Essentials by Quince

You are probably tired of seeing me wear these pieces over and over, because you can do no wrong with these silk essentials. I wear the camis as underwear beneath my shirts. The silk mini skirts match absolutely everything in my closet for every mood. It is so easy to slip on during a splendid Spring day. The wrap dress is a classic that makes every figure look incredible. The blouses turn heads,, and my husband notices others looking when out wearing the shirts. The silk slip is a must-have that can either be worn out and about or at home in bed. 

I cannot decide which is my favourite, because they all are so versatile, and have different strengths. Ever since going silk, I cannot go back. Let me know if any of these pieces caught your eye, and which are your favourite if you have any of these exquisite garments. Hearing from my readers is a thrill, and lets me know you like these things too!

This post is sponsored by The Uniform. Check out my high quality everyday outfits to elevate your life.

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