Shein spring dress haul: Elegant and feminine spring outfits

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Here are some absolutely stunning feminine style dresses for spring and just all around cute spring and summer outfit ideas for the lady of the feminine persuasion. I love feminine style as this is a feminine style blog, but mostly because I am not your naturally feminine attitude woman, but dressing this way really helps with this.

When I see myself in the mirror with these dresses, I shape up and act a certain way. More elegant, more stylish, and even a little polished! Also, these colours and flowery patterns are such a mood booster for this rejuvenation of bright tones for the season!

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This dress is the ultimate feminine, fun, bubblegum barbie girl dress. I think of For Love & Lemons without the exorbitant price tag.

Drawstsring and tie string details are my absolute favourite, because I feel like I can really customize the fit to me without the cost of going to the tailor. These embellishments also make for a cutesy and casual feel to the dress as opposed to a rigid and simple silhouette.

I can totally see myself wearing this on a day date, girls day out, brunch, music festival, or an art gallery in the day, on a boat, or just anything to do under the sun. Definitely a must-have spring adventure dress.

The inside is lined, and quality is excellent for what you’re paying for. It was less than $30 and was a steal for the level of fabulosity and joy it brings me. Snatch this now before it is sold out!

This dress makes me feel very grown up, yet still on the lighter casual side. The design has these engraved polka dots, which is an ultra feminine design, but it also feels very dressed up because the sateen sheen and high neck halter.

The belt loops are perfectly thin enough to not distract from the style, but keeps your belt in place to cinch in the favourable parts of your figure. I’m all about the little details to create an overall look.

I see myself wearing this on an evening date, drinks for a business celebration, dinner with the girls, or gliding around the house with a glass of wine hosting a little get together at home. Still perfectly lightweight for spring and summer occasions, yet rich in the berry tones and embossed material.

The three halters of the apocalypse

Why the apocalypse? Because they’re the halter mini dress styles to end your search for all halter mini dresses.

I have these in every tone under the sun you can imagine. I can’t get enough of these silhouettes for spring and summer so much to the point that I bought three in this haul alone. I cannot wait to share my spring and summer adventure photos of me in these designs.

Blue is just so stunning on everyone. It’s such a good colour to start off the warmer seasons with, especially in this lighter shade. Halter mini dresses are my warm weather uniform. Just a little fashion tape, some flats, and a lightweight bag and you’re off to create amazing memories! So lightweight and comfortable that you can move around in them without sweating and looking unkempt. Don’t forget your sunhat and SPF!

I cannot express how elegant this dress is in person. It was one of the pieces in this haul that also didn’t crease or wrinkle when shipped. I’m so excited about this.

Just be sure to wear this with fashion tape no matter the size of your chest to avoid a wardrobe malfunction! This dress doesn’t show anything, but it’s a precaution I always take to prevent an accident nonetheless.

The thing that really gets me about this dress — or even gown — is that it goes so easily from day to night. It makes the most sense for all day events and being seen, but also enjoying some sort of extravaganza like a birthday party, summer dinner outside, or Beverly Hills BBQ (yes, those are a thing!).

It’s so glam and elevated while being unique, lightweight, and chic all at the same time. It’s hard for a dress to do that. Also, it pretty much transcends time with this design, because I can definitely see myself wearing it years from now. This timeless piece is worth creating memories in. I cannot say enough good things about it!

Warm weather fashion tip

Something that helps me through any event, going out in a beautiful dress, or even something to keep my thigh high boots up is fashion tape.

I use this so much and am obsessed with how easy it’s made my life.

Before using fashion tape, I cannot tell you how often I would return something, because I had issues of potential wardrobe malfunctions happening in public.

It’s happened to me quite a few times, and I don’t suggest going out without it.

I keep fashion tape in my purse at all times when wearing a dress just in case, because you never know if you adjust something and it comes, then the tape stops sticking.

This dress is on the shorter side so you can feel free to use fashion tape wisely and keep the skirt down while also covering your chest.

If you have a much larger chest, be aware that this dress has a high chance of a wardrobe malfunction occurring. Aside from that, you might be adjusting yourself rightly so when sitting and standing back up, because it is on the shorter side.

However, this dress truly is a win for the petite ladies! I love the ruffle hem, because it’s super feminine, it comes in so many colours, so you have tons of options to wear. I think this is a great wardrobe foundation piece to style in spring and summer. Honestly, if my chest wasn’t so big, I’d buy this in every tone just to have it as a warm weather uniform.

As a quick trick, to not make the design look messy, I tied one tie string adjustment in the front and the other in the back so I have only one knot on each side of the dress. I don’t like when a dress is too overwhelming with tie strings and you can just visually enjoy the dress without being inundated by embellishments.

There are so many details I absolutely fell in love with in this dress, however I think there’s a lot going on.

First, I love mesh sleeves, because the arms are a bit breathable especially since noting that this is more of an occasional wear design for going out on the town at night.

Second, I love a halter detail that makes the dress interesting.

Third, the colour is to die for. I am enamored with berry tones!

They make me think of February and the start of spring. February is my favourite month, because it’s my birthday month haha. The fit is perfect. I’d wear this with fashion tape — I think it goes without saying. It’s an excuse to see my girlfriends and get drinks really.

This halter maxi is a beauty. Just wear these with flats, because it’s going to look weird when it cuts off at the ankle and just kind of floats, when it’s meant for you to look like you’re gliding when you walk.

I love that this goes day to night without a ton of fuss. The halter is so striking. There is also a blush option that just came out with this dress. Here is a very similar cut out maxi dress that has even more tones to choose from!

I’m loving the material of this dress, because it’s so slinky and falls perfectly on your body without being heavy. The drape of where the cutouts are is unreal.

I don’t think the video footage in the video really captures what it looks and feels like in person. It’s quite the comfortable fit. If you have a broader shoulder span as I do, it will compliment your shape, because of the way it falls and still clings close to your arms. Those who know will know.

The colour is so lovely that it supplements a healthy glow.

Dressing Up Tip

I shot this haul with these bras, and find myself wearing them more and more as the warm weather arrives. Why? This is the time to wear lighter and brighter colours, yet my arreolas show through if I didn’t have these. The lace up ones provide more support if that’s what you’re looking for. However, I’m also looking for something that allows me to show my back and lack of straps when wearing halter tops.

It also hides my nipples pointing out in case the air conditioning is high in the summer time. These are perfect for remaining decent publically or at a nice event. Otherwise, I don’t mind if my nipples are visible, but do if the colour of my arreolas do. Just an aside that helps with spring and summer styling for me.

This mesh skirt is obviously not meant to be worn alone, but whatever you do in this garment is your business haha.

It’s super cute, lightweight, stretchy, and comfortable.

I needed something to cover my pad when wearing leggings with my figure skating coach. He has to keep an eye on my form and I just want to be conservative of whether I have a pad or not during our sessions.

There are still other people on the ice and they don’t have to know what’s going on with my health at what time of the month

It’s also great as a swim cover up by the pool or beach if you feel self conscious, or are walking to the parking lot. Just as a heads up, these are really dyed to the point that the colour was sort of leaked onto the tag. Be sure to wash these with other similar or stronger tones.

These tailored shorts are a must-have for those who want something that makes you look put together for a day out. It’s such a smart look and you can pair it with any type of frilly top, button up lightweight striped shirt, or blouse.

It’s on the much higher waisted side and the fit is not loose, but it could have been tighter for a US 2 / xs.

I think the fit is just fine especially in the summer when you need to breathe and be comfortable.

Blush is such a perfect tone to match pretty much everything else in my bright and airy wardrobe. It is so happy, stylish, and presentable — this silhouette. I love the femininity of these shorts without having to be a ruffle skirt.

I hope these styles resonated with you as much as they rang wonderfully with me. Have an adventurous with spring out in the sun, don’t forget your SPF and live your life in these mood-boosting feminine spring outfits!

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