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After starting my journey as an etiquette consultant, I wanted to do things right. I want to be able to teach my students magnificent life skills and set an example by being the most elegant version of myself.

This meant stepping up my elegant top game, because I absolutely need to cover my faded tattoo from laser removal sessions haha. I want girls and young women to see it is beautiful to be natural and soft without having to have such aggressive looks. Dressing feminine and having an elegant presence is a whole package. It is a form of respect to dress well for both ourselves and the outer world.

I always love a satin finish when it comes to my blouses, because it looks like there is extra care and love in the top. Something about it says polished and put together. Here is my insanely affordable satin elegant top haul from Shein!

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It did not say anywhere on the product description that this was oversized. But it is very oversized. Nonetheless, I love the cornflower blue colour, and can definitely see myself styling this in so many ways.

There’s the tiny mini dress with this unbuttoned over as a light summer night jacket. Then the dangerously little-buttoned drapey blouse with long trousers. And then, the conservative buttoned up look with a little bit of a rolled up sleeve. It is too easy to look effortlessly elegant in this top!

This beautiful blue-based red I have seen in a while! So much so that it is the first red garment I have purchased in years. I have been staying away from the colour, because of how flushed I look in it. But also because it is quite aggressive, and I want to feel more relaxed when looking at my closet as I evolve my style.

This is the perfect conservative top with the option to be flirty if I have a beautiful cashmere cardigan over it, and a sliver of shoulder visible. I am so obsessed with this look that I got myself another in a lighter tone. The halter back tie is also quite whimsical as it is long and can sway as I walk like an old Hollywood glam movie star.

I can see myself sauntering through London afternoons in this top and a shrug and some gloves. Right before afternoon tea. Maybe even a hat. It has that elegant touch of satin, the tone is bright and feminine, and the bow is the cherry on top — or on the side.

The side bow. I have to mention the side bow. It is so chic and I absolutely love how I can tie the halter on the side doubling as an embellishment. I cannot wait to wear the heck out of this gorgeous pussy bow tie halter top!

I have this in literally every colour now. There is NOTHING wrong with a satin cowl cami. So elegant. Not vulgar. The cowl is just delicate enough to be flattering but still cover up the goods.

I will be wearing the heck out of this as I have with all my other satin cowl cami tops. They are so versatile, and can be worn with my high rise white jeans. Or with a beautiful midi pleated skirt. You can do no wrong with this timeless top. I am so glad I got it in every colour. I did right this time haha.

Navy is my colour. I hate saying this. But my dad always complimented me in navy and black. I think it is too cerebral and aggressive. Too serious. I already am serious. I am trying to liven things up and make things lighthearted. At least right before I start opening my mouth.

I cannot deny how gorgeous this top is. It is stretchy, thick, and feels high quality. The high neck cowl makes me feel like Grace Kelly, and the ruched bust makes my waist look even smaller. The only thing is I have some trouble putting it on, because I have an F cup chest.

I loved this top so much I got it in two tones: pistachio and pink! Two wonderful colours, but the green in the video is not the best quality. The pink has the marabou trim sewn in more gently. The polyester is not the best quality either. But I really do like the cut of the shirt.

It is like a shorter, slightly cropped Oxford cut shirt. As a petite figure standing at 5’2.5″, the hemline is at the perfect length. It is comfortable, but looks a bit on the cheaper side. I would rather save my money for a really fabulously high quality top with marabou feather trim. I will be returning these two tops.

It is funny how the items that are $7 are higher quality than garments that are $17. I have had some Shein satin cami basic cowl tops that start at $6, and they have impressed me for three years. They are my go-to top and I cannot get enough of them. Out of this entire haul, there is nothing I can recommend more!

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