SHEIN Autumn 2021 Haul: Feminine Jackets & Sweaters

Here are all the colorful ways to express yourself with outerwear this season. My favorite part of Autumn is being able to layer. I think that’s one the easiest ways to level up your look and show off your personality.

It can be cerebral and scholarly, or completely fun and brazen. No matter the texture, tone, or type of style, you can stay warm and comfortable with my flavorful picks!

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I obviously have a thing for tweed. The problem is I live in Los Angeles, California, so I can’t wear a real wool twill. It will just make me sweat profusely through the day. I typically like to layer with cashmere and a jacket atop.

Loud statements are made in my wardrobe with color. I consider myself a maximalist in the winter and since this is Fall, I start giving a little teaser taste early on.

It’s important for me to stay comfortable. After having lived in Denmark for a couple years, I was forced to learn how to dress properly for cold weather. There’s even a saying in the Nordic Countries:

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

I wanted to incorporate touches of personality into my capsule wardrobe with these pieces, since I’m always going out. I eat out twice a week, am constantly filming, doing workshops with clients, and all eyes are on me. If I can be comfortable and look good at the same time, I’m golden! This is why you’ll find a few pieces that are oversized – more than I’d usually purchase, because I realized it’s better for my mental health to just chill in something comfy.

I used to think Autumn was a just another word for Pre-Winter and would go into wearing deep tones right away. Thus, creating space for boredom within my wardrobe. Now, I go all out with lighter and deeper tones, transitioning this sun-kissed fun from summer.

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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